This So-Called Life - Book 1: New Girl

When Taylor Maxwell and her mom moves to a new city, Wilmington, a surprise is hiding behind every corner. Taylor has to adjust to the whole new approach to life in her school. Taylor's mom, Alice, has to adjust to her new life as a rather special and notorious mom. But the one thing they both have to adjust to is living a few feet away from someone they both despise. This So-Called Life is a new, charming, witty and bright comedy novel that portraits the life of a girl and her mom on a whole new level. Read as the rather unusual bond between them develops and turns into real family love. This So-Called Life is loosely based on my upbringing in a new town.


1. Prologue

"Oh my God, how did I even get this job?" Taylor thought. She was a 'bicycle-helmet-delivery-guy-girl'. She had to ride a bike and bring the helmets to the costumers. The most ironic part? She wasn't allowed to wear a helmet herself.

"That, my friend, that is society today and it is disgusting." She removed her hands from the bike for a moment to draw a rainbow like Spongebob does. "Hypocrisy," she said right before crashing into a parked car. Taylor hit her head on the huge trunk which, surprisingly, opened by itself. Somehow a hook in the trunk had gotten stuck in Taylor's shirt and she was slowly lifted up until it finally ripped, revealing everything

"Why does this always happen?!" she shouted.

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. You life is just one big bowl of noodles as you proudly describe it yourself. You need to carefully untangle the noodles because of your severe OCD. These noodles represent your troubles in life. If they snap, well, have fun being grounded!

"What have you done!" a man shouted at her. He looked at her and saw how much skin was revealed. "Oh... uh..." He took his hand to his forehead. He turned around and called for a Kristen, presumably his wife. "This is how kids dress nowadays..." he mumbled.

"I'm so, so, so sorry." Taylor said, knowing that it wouldn't help her. Ever. After all, this is your 'so-called life' and you're stuck living it.


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