You've Changed!

Liam Payne's sister is a goody-goody, well the last time he saw her. He's been on tour for 8 months. What happened to Skye? What will the boys and Liam think of her?


1. Me!

Hi! My name is Skye Payne! Yes, if you were thinking, my brother is Liam Payne. I hate it! I hate everyone wanting pictures and stuff. Not that I don't like fans and all, it's just gets tiring. So here's me!

Full Name: Skye Alaina Payne

Favorite Color: Blue, green, hot pink, purple

Hobbies: Skateboarding, getting in trouble, pranking, EATING!!!!

Likes: Bad asses and FOOD!!

Dislikes: Ohhhh. Don't get me started, but to just name a few, my brothers gay band, prissy, slutty girls. A lot of people.

So.......yeah........that's me!!!

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