1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

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106. Preference #94- He's Your Best Friend

Preference #94- He's Your Best Friend​

        Liam: "Stop it!" You giggled loudly as you fought Liam for your phone back. "Say it!" He grinned before letting out a laugh. "Liam is the best," You did not want to fight anymore. "Thanks," You hit his arm lightly. "Oh hi Liam!" Your mom smiled at him then at you. "Hi! Mrs. Y/L/N, How are you?" He was always so polite, it surprised you. "I'm good thanks! How are you?" She sat down in the chair. "I'm great," He smiled, and turned towards me. "I made some cookies, if you would like some?" Me and Liam were up in seconds, racing to the kitchen. "Thanks mom," You kissed her cheek with your cookie stuffed mouth. "You're welcome Y/N," She hugged your side and went back upstairs. "I love your mom," Liam moaned when he bit into the cookie. "She's such a wonderful cook!" He said loudly which made my mom laugh from upstairs. You shook your head and took another one.           Zayn: "I can't believe you made me come to this party," Your nose was burning from the alcohol stench. "Oh stop it, you'll have fun!" Zayn patted you on the back, walking away from you. "Great," You muttered, heading for the booze. You smiled at a few familiar faces and got a bottle of something. "Oh no, you can't drink that. You're a light weight." Zayn took the bottle from your hands and replaced it with a regular beer. "Thanks," Sighing, you followed Zayn back outside. "Having fun yet?" "Nope," You glared at him which just made him smile. "You have to forget about him Y/N, he was treating you horribly. I'm glad I finally stepped in, to help you." Zayn chucked down his cooler and set the bottle down. "I get that you're my best friend but come on! Its not your job to do that," You said rudely. "It is my job to protect my best friend," He stared into your eyes and stood up, leaving you alone again.           Harry: You stared at yourself in the mirror as your friends finished up with the dress. Today was your wedding day, it was quite emotional for you. Both of your parents died when you were young, around 15 so not having them here with you, hurt. A lot. "All set!" One of your friends smiled and went to get herself ready. "Hey," You jumped at the sound of your best friend. "Harry," You breathed in his scent while his arms wrapped around you. "How are you feeling?" You and Harry were best friends when the tragedy happened so he knows every single thing. "I'm okay," He wiped a stray tear from your cheek. "Can I ask you something?" He nodded instantly. "Would you walk me down the aisle?" Harry broke out into tears before squishing you into a hug. "It would be my honour," He whispered in your ear and stepped back. "Thank you Harry," You kissed his cheek, grabbing his hand. "Let's get you married," His smile was huge as he brought you to where everyone was seated. The music started playing, and you felt tears already started. Your fiancé was crying while you walked, making your eyes blur more. "It's okay, they are here with you." Harry gave your hand a squeeze and let you go. "Thank you," You smiled at him and went up to your love.           Louis: You laughed loudly while Louis played his stupid game. "I swear I'm good at this game," He growled, you tried to hide your smile but it was difficult. When he threw the controller onto the other couch, you broke out into loud laughter. "Oh shut it," He glared at you and walked away. "Aw Louis!" You ran after him while laughing. You couldn't help it! "HA!" You jumped back as he threw water onto you. "What the..?" You looked down at your now soaked clothes. "Laugh again," You smirked as the plan played out in your mind. "Whatever," You turned and walked down the stairs, ignoring his apologies. "Sucker!" You laughed again when the water hit his face. "Oh you're done," He warned and started filling up his bucket while you sprinted for the pool outside. "You can run but you can't hide," He shouted with a laugh. "Real original," You yelled back and dove into the pool.           Niall: You groaned loudly as another cramp hit. "Hey there," You frowned as Niall came into your room. "I bought food..." He smiled when you practically jumped on him. "Woah! Calm down!" He handed you the bags filled with various foods. "Have I ever told you, I love you?" He ruffled his hair when he rolled his eyes. "What are best friends for!" He said in a girly voice. "Oh my!" You laughed, stuffing fries in your mouth. "What are we watching?" He pushed you over to get on the bed. "Uhm, Supernatural?" You spoke in a questionable tone. "Oh! I love Sam so much," He gushed, biting into his burger. Staring at him in awe, you ate a burger as well. "What?" He gave you a weird look and you returned it. "I love Sam as well, but you can't forget about Dean." You bit your lip and giggled. "Whatever, be quiet! I haven't seen this episode!" He shoved another burger into your hands, shutting you right up.               *Someone please send me requests for imagines! I miss writing them for people... Next update will probably be next weekend. Have a good week everyone!*              


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