1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


89. Preference #78-Beach Day

Preference #78- Beach Day​



Liam: You breathed in the fresh air as you laid on the soft sand. You and Liam had decided early in the morning that you'd spend the hot day at the beach. You wanted to get to a good start on your tan. "Let's go into the water?" He grinned, you weren't one for swimming but you didn't want to tell him that. You haven't been together enough to find out each other biggest fears. "I can carry you in," He offered, you smiled. "I guess so," You stood up, he picked you up and ran for the water.    



Zayn: "Let's go to the lake!" You suggested as soon as you woke up. "Good Morning to you too!" He kissed the top of your head. "I made you pancakes," He led you towards the table, placing a plate of food in front of you. "Can we please go?" You begged. "I've never been to a lake like the ones you've been to," He explained. He was right, your parents had a cabin at a lake in Canada and during September the lakes were absolutely freezing. "It won't be busy, and we don't even have to swim!" You said, he paused his eating and looked at you. "Fine, I guess we can go," He sighed while you cheered, stuffing your face with pancakes.    



Harry: "Harry put me down!" You laughed loudly as he ran for the water. Your family invited you to the beach for the day, and Harry thought it would be fun, well it was for him. he was constantly throwing you in the water, or splashing you. It was fun but you were getting mad in a playfully way. Your parents loved Harry, he was the sweetest boyfriend you've had in their eyes. "We are finally alone," Harry looked down at you in the water. "Yeah," You whispered against his lips.    



Louis: You were currently tanning on the beach beside Louis who was texting away at his phone. "You know we came here to get away from the technology?" You growled but he ignored you. "Babe, calm down!" Louis moved closer to you. "I love you, but you need to stop using your phone! I haven't spend a day alone with you for over four months." You said, huffing out a big breath. "I'm sorry," He leaned down, kissing a spot above your belly button. "That won't fix anything," You smirked making him roll his eyes.


Niall: You giggled when Niall sprayed you with water. "Stop it!" You pushed at him, but he just laughed. Niall was probably the best person to go to the beach with, he was so much fun! He brought lots of food and drinks, but forgot a blanket, typical... You dealt with it and just used your towel. "Niall I'm hungry! Leave me alone," You whined, opening up a bag of chips. "Fine, feed me then." Niall smiled and sat down beside you.

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