1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


87. Preference #76- Road Trips

Preference #76- Road Trips​



Liam: "Can I drive now?" You whined again. Liam would not let you drive his new vehicle, you weren't a bad driver but you weren't the best, but for the road trip you wanted to at least get to drive it once! "Why don't you just eat the burger? I don't want you driving my new baby," You scoffed at his reply, before stuffing the burger into your mouth. "You know I love you though right?" Liam's hand was now on your leg, which sent warmth to your heart. "Yeah, I know. I love you too." You sighed, finishing off the burger.  


Zayn: "I keep going to the river to pray!" You sang loudly as Zayn drove. You were currently on your way to the lake, but the drive was seven hours, making it a road trip. You loved road trips, getting to sing whenever you want and being able to sleep but Zayn absolutely hated them! "Can you be quiet for a few minutes while I drive?" He asked making you nod. "Fine, downer." You pinched his cheek which he responded with a growl. "When your legs don't work like they used to before.." You hummed the familiar tune, Zayn sighed really loud. You sang more than three hours of the whole drive, Zayn didn't look at you much the first night of your trip.


Harry: "I spy with my little eye, one tree that is leaning over another." You were always known as being a difficult player during this game, but Harry didn't mind. "Uhm there?" He pointed, you nodded with surprise. "Okay, I spy with my little eye, a blue van!" Harry always let you win at this game. "Ugh, pick something harder!" You groaned, turning down another road. "That was pretty hard! There was like three blue vans!" He laughed loudly. Road trips with him were always fun.


Louis: You were waiting in line at the small gas station as Louis filled up on gas. A few days ago, you both decided to go on a road trip, getting souvenirs from each gas station. It was actually pretty fun except for the part of the rude people in the gas stations. There were a few people that did not seem friendly enough to talk to. "Hey babe, you ready?" Louis asked as you walked towards him. "Yes," You handed him his favorite chocolate bar. "Thanks!" He kissed your cheek before you got into the vehicle again.


Niall: Niall was one of the most annoying people to take a road trip with. He would always be singing or dancing while he drove, it was cute until a few minutes ago. "Niall! I want to have a small nap, can I please have some quiet?" You growled and he shut up. "Thanks," You kissed his cheek before laying back on your seat.

"Hey, Hey!" Niall sang while you were waking up. "Niall..." You groaned and rubbed your eyes. "Oh sorry! I thought you were sleeping, you didn't wake up for the last two hours you've been sleeping," He laughed, you smiled slightly. "We are almost there," Niall put his hand on your knee.  

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