1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


81. Preference #70- Baking Together

Preference #70- Baking Together


Liam: You squealed loudly when Liam threw a big handful of flour at your back. HIs laugh filled your kitchen as you ran around trying to hit each other with different ingredients that were suppose to be for your cupcakes. His eyes widened when you picked up two eggs, making you smirk. "Babe please don't," He was slowly moving away from you but when you sprinted for him, he couldn't stop you. "Awh!" He growled out and you giggled. The eggs were dripping down the front of his forehead as you tried to stop the giggled from leaving your lips. He wiped it slowly and almost gagged when he saw the raw egg smeared against his hand.    


Zayn: "Zayn don't you dare!" You yelled as he inched closer to you with a handful of sugar in his hand. You both had loads of eggs all over your bodies as well as flour. It was fun but now Zayn brought out the sugar, which would stick in your hair and mix in with the flour. "Babe, you put flour and eggs in my hair! I just washed it about two hours ago." He said calmly and you smiled. "Do you really think I care?" You joked but he didn't laugh. You didn't have time to act as the sugar collided with your face. "ZAYN!" You screeched and grabbed the closest thing to you, what happened to be the newly iced cake. "Y/N!" You laughed loudly when the cake fell from his face.    


Harry: You ran throughout the kitchen in your house as Harry chased you. You were baking cupcakes for a party later today. Unfortunately a quarter of the cupcakes you made together were currently on the floor. "Harry! I need to make more now!" You sighed and started to mix the bowl of ingredients. You instantly stopped when you felt a slimy substance go down your back. "Did you just put an egg on my back?" You spun around with a glare. "No?" He said innocently. You smirked as you picked up the bowl, and dumped it onto his head.    


Louis: "When your legs don't work like they used to..." You sang as you mixed the batter for a cake. "Hey Louis can you bring three more eggs for the next cake?" You asked and he grunted in response. "Here you are," He kissed your cheek with a smile. The alarm for the cake that was currently cooking went off and Louis went to get it. "Thanks," You said and continued to mix. "It smells great," He inhaled and you laughed. "Okay do you know how to let it sit so it won't shrink?" You questioned and he just stared at him. You smiled and walked over and set it all up. "Wow, I'm so in love with you." He sighed making you grin.        


Niall: Niall wasn't the best cook but man could the boy bake desserts! He made the best cupcakes you ever tasted! "You've ate five of those already," You froze mid-chew as he stared at you. "It's okay, I mean go right ahead but we won't have enough for the family get-together tonight." Niall smiled and you began to chew again. "They are just so good," You accidentally spit out a crunch and it landed on Niall shirt. "I'm so sorry!" You cleaned it off and he laughed. "Babe it's fine, how about you help me?" He suggested, you hopped off the chair and ran over to him. "Okay so add those into that," He explained and you nodded.      


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