1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

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80. Preference #69- One Drunk Night

Preference #69- One Drunk Night


Liam: "Heyyy!" You slurred as Liam pulled up to the curb of the bar. You stumbled forward but caught yourself by putting your hands on his vehicle. "Get in babe," Liam shook his head, what a grumpy head. "You look tired," You whined and he rolled his eyes. "I am, when you call me to come get you at 3am, I'm very tired having to wait up for you. Instead of running away like you always do when we fight, you need to put the bottle down." Liam's angry was flowing off of him. "I'm sorry Liam," You mumbled, making him sigh loudly. "Just don't drink anymore, talk to me about it." Your buzz was slowing down quickly as Liam drove back to your apartment.    


Zayn: "I love this song!" Zayn howled in the crowd of drunk people. You smiled and gulped down yet another alcohol beverage. It was your friend's birthday and she wanted a huge party, so you had to organize it all with Zayn's help. You had put out a invitation to all of your friends and asked for anyone who was be DD's to be on the safe side. Everyone was mostly drunk or a few drinks away from it, as you could tell Zayn was passed drunk... "Babe! Come dance," You quickly wiggled your way towards Zayn who was dancing quite weird. As you as got to him, his lips attached to yours. "Zayn," You mumbled against his lips, his breath was almost a foul alcohol smell. "Let's get out of here," Zayn suggested and you debated on it, what would really happen? Leaving a party that you organized? You shrugged and followed him up the stairs, giggling the whole way up.      


Harry: Harry can be pretty embarrassing while he is drunk, but to you it was so cute. His dance moves weren't the greatest but neither were yours. "Baby, do you want a drink?" Harry asked and you nodded eagerly. "Two beers please," Harry grinned at the bartender who smiled back. "Here you are," He smirked at me and handed it over. "Thank you," You kissed Harry's cheek. After another few drinks, you were completely drunk and so was Harry. "I really love starbursts," You hummed as Harry laughed at you. "Me too," Harry was now staring at you with a smile. "Yeah?" You started to lean in as he did also. "Yeah," He said and crashed his lips into yours. "I love you." He slurred and you mumbled it back.      


Louis   You were far from sober by now and Louis wasn't far behind. "This song sucks," You booed loudly towards the Dj. He knew it was a joke, considering he was one of your best friends. "Louis! You need to stop, you've had enough!" You said as you drank another beer. Louis laughed at your comment, and kissed your lips. "You need to stop being smart," He growled but smiled slightly. "Why don't we get going home?" You smirked at his suggestion but nodded. The drive home was loud, our driver seemed to be completely annoyed by our stupid jokes and laughs. "Woo!" You put your hands up in the air when you made it to Louis's house. "Babe, shhh." Louis tried to calm you down but you sprinted towards the front door. He laughed the whole way up the stairs, as you danced around.    


Niall: Niall has been walking around the bar drunk, and slurring a hello to every person who made eye contact with him. You had a few drinks but not as much as Niall has had. He just got back last night and you promised to take him out because of how stressed he has been. You didn't think he would of gotten so drunk! "Niall baby, I think you should calm down a bit!" You shouted over the loud music, he didn't seem to notice your voice while talking to the brunette bartender. You frowned slightly and turned back to your other friends that came. "I think he just needs to have a cool night, without any worries." Niall friend said and you nodded. "I think I should get going then, make sure he gets home safe. And please don't let him do anything stupid." You said and looked over at Niall once more before leaving. He needed to let off some steam and you didn't want to stand in the way of that...                  


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