1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


76. Preference #65- Silent Treatment

Preference #65- Silent Treatment



Liam: "Babbbbbbeeee!" Liam whined as you chopped up vegetables for dinner. He really made you angry today and he was not getting off the hook that easily. Thursdays are always the one day that you both spend the whole day together unless there are other important plans. But today he had an interview with the boys and forgot to tell you so you had the apartment all ready for the date and bought a very expensive dress. You waited over two hours before you started to just clean everything up. The big reason why you were currently ignoring him was because he knew about the interview for more than a month and knows about Thursdays. "You know how sorry I am!" Liam took the knife from your hands and placed it down. "Please forgive me," Liam kissed your knuckles and you smiled slightly.


Zayn: "Y/N! You can't be serious right now?" Zayn yelled as you texted on your phone. "You're mad at me because I didn't want to see your family? We see them almost every fricking weekend!" Zayn tried to get you to talk but it was not working what so ever. "Please say something!" Zayn's voice got louder as you continued to text your mother telling her you wouldn't make it. "Baby! Please!" Zayn whined but you just smirked and walked away.


Harry: Harry sat across from you as you typed furiously on your laptop. "Are you really going to keep ignoring me?" Harry whined as you looked up at him then back down. "You know I'm sorry! I hate when you do this," He growled slightly but you kept on typing. Within seconds your laptop was closed and a gasp escaped your lips. "Talk to me," Harry demanded but you just shook your head and walked away.


Louis: "I hate when you do this," Louis jumped onto your shared bed as you looked through your phone. "I understand how the rumors are hurting you, but she isn't back in my life, I promise you." Louis was staring at you when your dog hopped up on the bed. "Hey Bean!" You kissed his head and he licked your face. "Oh so you give Bean love but not me?" Louis said and walked out of the room, earning a smirk from you.


Niall: You smirked as Niall begged you to talk but you wouldn't. You were extremely angry with him after he called you a boring old lady as a joke on LIVE TELEVISION! "You know I was joking when I said that," Niall explained but you continued chopping food up. You knew it was a joke but they way everyone laughs made it seem as it was true. "If you won't talk to me I'm going out with the boys," He sighed and grabbed his keys. You didn't care very much since your friends were planning on coming over anyways.


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