1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


70. Preference #59- Teasing

Preference #59- Teasing



Liam: You typed furiously trying to finish your final assignment before midnight, it was 30% of your mark. "Liam!" You growled as he kissed your bare shoulder. "What?" He said innocently. "I need to finish this right now!" You said with a long sigh.

A loud gasp escaped your lips as soon as his lips touched your neck. "Liam," You warned but he ignored you as he continued. "Can you stop for a few minutes please?!" You pleaded and his lips left. "Thank you," You smiled and started typing again. "Just you wait," Liam squeezed your thigh and walked right out of your room, leaving you in shock.


Zayn: You sat nervously in the comfortable chair, as Zayn's family talked with him and you just stayed quietly. His hand on your thigh didn't help either, you haven't been able to concentrate on any of the words that came out of everyone's mouths. "So Y/N, How's school going?"  You almost spit out my drink as Zayn's hand reached higher. "Gre-Great," You stuttered out with a smile.

You stood up as soon as you were allowed to leave, grabbing Zayn hand and rushing out of the restaurant. "What's wrong?" He laughed and you sighed. "You know!" You said and got into the passenger side and buckled up.


Harry: "I hate you," You groaned and sat against his chest. "You love me," He kissed the side of you shoulder and laughed. "Your friends are just right there!" You whispered and he nodded. "I don't care," He whispered back and leaned into the leather couch.

"Hey," You grumbled as his hands rub up and down your legs. "Let's get out of here?" Harry asked and you nodded eagerly. "Thank youuuu!" You carried on and stuck up a peace sign to everyone in the room.


Louis: You sat quietly backstage as Louis talked to the interviewer. It was torture! He told you before the show a dirty thought it is all that has been in your mind ever since.

"So Louis, let's get off the topic of the band for a few minutes. How is the relationship with Y/N?" She smiled at him and he laughed lightly. "It is going great, we just bought an apartment together," Louis said with excitement that made your heart beat faster. "That is wonderful! I hope the best for you both," She congratulated and Louis nodded.

He shot you a small wink and returned to the interview. You took a deep breath and tried to forget about his small teasing gesture.  


Niall: "Sooo," Niall smirked as you sat in the double table desk. "What?" You harshly whispered as you tried to listen to the teacher. He took your hand into his and kissed it softly. "I've missed you while I was gone," Niall said and that certainly caught the teacher's attention. "Niall! Be quiet if you want to actually want to pass this class!" She snapped and continued.

Niall didn't seem to care as he placed his large hand on your thigh. "Niall!" You whispered and swatted his hand away. He placed it there again but this time he didn't let you move it. You sighed quietly as he slowed rubbed your leg, he wasn't getting away with the stupid teasing...



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