1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


15. Preference #5- How You Spend Valentine's Day

Preference #5- How You Spend Valentine's Day



Liam: A Quiet Dinner. Liam loves to spoil you so when the 'love day' came along, he took you to an expensive restaurant and made you realize how much you love him.


Zayn: A Movie. You love to go to the theatre for popcorn. The taste is amazing! So for Valentine's day, Zayn took you to a new movie that you have been dying to see.


Harry: A Stay Home Day. Work was really stressing you lately and it was just around the time of love. The minute you came through the door, your feet came in contact with rose petals. They led to a bathroom with Harry sitting in the tub waiting for you.


Niall: A soccer game. It may not be as romantic as most couples on Valentine's day but you wouldn't have it any other way. He took you to a game and then to Mcdonalds. You didn't care as long he was with you.


Louis: A shopping spree. You love to shop so for Valentine's day, Louis took you to your favourite store. You bought over 20 outfits but he couldn't forget to bring you to Victoria's Secret for a few things...




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