1D Imagines and Preferencess

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56. Preference #45- You're His Sister and Dating One of the Other Boys (Telling your brother)

Preference #45- You're His Sister and Dating One of the Other Boys (Telling your brother)


Liam: "Harry, everything will be fine! Liam will be fine with it!" You tried to calm him down about telling your brother. "No it won't be! He'll hate me," Harry pulled at his hair and sat across from you. You sighed deeply and grabbed his hand. "Come on," You smiled and opened your door.

"Finally Harry! You weren't kidding when you said that food got to you!" Liam joked as you both descended from the stairs. "You have to see thi-" Liam cut himself off as he saw your hand connected with Harry's. "What the hell is this?" He stood quickly and pushed Harry slightly. "Liam!" You growled and stood between the two. "Liam... We've been dating for over 4 months and couldn't keep it from you anymore." Harry explained quietly. "How could you? My sister?!" Liam raised his voice. "Liam, stop it! You can't stop us from loving each other." You argued and he shook his head. "No! If you would of just told me!" Liam said, looking into your identical eyes. "I'm sorry! But I knew you were act like this," You pointed and he growled. "If you hurt her, I swear I will punch you in the face!" Liam said to Harry, and stomped up the stairs.


Zayn: You stood in front of Louis as you watched him pace back and fourth. You had just told him that you wanted to tell your brother about the two of you, which made him a bit uneasy. "Y/N, We can't tell Zayn, he will be angry and probably kill me!" Louis said and finally sat down. "Lou, He isn't like that, he wouldn't hurt you!" I reassured him but it didn't help much. "You can stay up here if you want," You said and opened the door. "No, I ugh..." He rushed behind you.

"Zayn?" You said as you made it to his room. "Have you seen Louis? He just left and I- What the hell!" Zayn was up within seconds. "What is this Lou?" Zayn said standing directly in front of Louis. "We are dating," You said for him while Zayn sighed. "You should of told me Y/N!" Zayn glanced at you but went right back at Louis. "What do you have to say for yourself?" Zayn folded his arms in front of him. "Nothing, I love your sister and you just have to deal with it." Lou said and grabbed you by the waist. Zayn smirked and held his fist up. "You're the first guy that has ever stood up to me, and because of that, I'll let this continue." Zayn explained with a smile.


Harry: "Zayn, I promise he will not get mad at all!" You pleaded at him and he shrugged. "I really hope he won't," He sighed and you smiled. "I love you," You kissed his lips gently. "I love you too," He kissed your cheek, then your lips. Zayn put you into his arms and tossed you onto the bed. "Zayn!" You squealed. "We need to go tell Harry," You laughed as he tickled your sides.

Someone cleared their throats from behind the two of you. "Oh my gosh!" Your cheeks became red as you stared at Harry.

"Why were you afraid to tell me?" Harry asked with a frown. "We thought you would be mad..." Zayn said and glanced at you. "I was mad about you not telling me but if Y/N is happy. I won't stop that." Harry grinned and hugged you tightly. "Thank you," You smiled up at him.


Louis: "I think we should wait," Niall whispered as we cuddled on the couch. "No, as soon as Louis gets home, we are telling him! I can't keep this from him anymore." You argued and Niall sighed loudly. "Babe," You didn't listen and just shook your head.

Within twenty minutes, your front door was opening up and came in Louis. "Hey..." He looked at you weirdly and then glanced at Niall. "Why are you touching my sister Niall?" Louis furrowed his eyebrows and Niall coughed. "Listen buddy..." Niall started, "We're dating!" I said the sentence for him. 

"What?" Louis practically choked on his own words. "Niall! Get out of my house now!" Louis growled. "What? Lou no!" You scrambled from your spot on the couch. "You are not dating my little sister! What's wrong with you Niall?!" Louis said finally taking off his shoes. "You can't stop me from loving your sister Lou," Niall said dramatically before closing the front door behind him.  


Niall: "I love you," You grinned at Liam as you sat across from him at the bar and grill. "I love you too babe," He smiled, his beautiful smile. "I was thinking now that we've been together for 6 months, we should go on a trip together!" Liam suggested and you nodded. "If we can afford it!" You giggled as a herd of more boys came into the bar. "Great..." You sighed as Liam gasped. "Babe, Niall's in the group!" He panicked but you shook your head. "He'll have to get used to it," You grinned and held his hand.

"Liam?" You heard Niall say from a side of the bar. "Shit," You said under your breath. "Y/N?" Niall said with a strange tone. "What's going on here?" All of Niall's friends were surrounding the table. "Niall, me and Liam are dating..." You smiled and Niall almost spit out his beer. "No. What the hell?" He said with a frown. "Me and Y/N are together," Liam said, glancing at you. "Why wouldn't you tell me?" Niall said with disappointment and left without another word.



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