1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


13. Preference #3- He Asks You Out

Preference #3- He Asks You Out.



Liam: You were at a group outing with a few close friends including your crush Liam. He was a sweet guy, when he wanted to be. Everyone else knew you both really liked each other but no one would make the first move. Well until the end of your outing, Liam said he'd walk you home which turned out to be his one way ticket to asking you on a nice dinner date, without all of the friends.


Zayn: Zayn has been your boyfriend for a little over a month but he has never asked you on a date. It was quite weird in your mind. He must of noticed that because within twenty four hours, you and him were on a quiet dinner date on a boat, how romantic is that? He paid for a BOAT! The whole date consisted of a dinner, a movie and the you both danced. Yes It was kind of cheesy but in your mind it was the perfect date with the perfect guy.


Harry: Harry has always been a heartbreaker, the bad boy of your school. He had all the girls falling over him, but you weren't like that. Yeah he was cute and all but you didn't want to get hurt like every other girl. But when he crushed your best friend's heart you knew it was all about revenge. You changed who you were just to make him ask you out. And when he did, you got him wrapped around your finger.


Louis:  Louis has been your best friend for over five years, and for the past month he has been acting weird. He would give you goofy smiles during class or he would try anything to hang out with you.

"So Y/N, Wanna hang out later?" Louis asked as you drove down his street. "Oh uh sure. but I have to work today." You looked over at him, but he was already looking at you. "What?" You giggled, he was acting really strange. "Go out with me, on a date." He chirped up making you almost choke on your own spit. But strangely enough you nodded. "Sure," Your face was burning hot but it was in the moment and you never thought you'd have a crush on your best friend.


Niall: "Babe!" Niall shouted from your lawn. You and him have had a fling going on all summer and you were hoping that soon he would ask you out but it hasn't come. You thought he was getting bored of you so that's why he never asked. "What Niall?" You said annoyingly. "I wanted to see if you would come to a movie with me." He asked blankly. Was that it? He asked you out?! But you never got the chance to say yes because of your neighbour. You knew she had a thing for him and turns out he had one for her too.

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