1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

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36. Preference #25- Article About The Two Of You

Preference #25- Article About The Two Of You


Liam: Engagement

Liam and Y/N have been spotting enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas! Pictures have been going around and they are just too cute! Liam holding Y/N's hand as they dinner was by far my favourite! A few months ago, Liam suggested marriage during an interview, would this be the time? The other boys kept their mouths shut as he talked, not making any other rumours.  We do not know very much about Y/N, just that she is beyond beautiful! They make the cutest couple but will it last? Liam has been in other relationships that lasted long but will this time be different? We hope the best for them and the years to come!


Zayn: Cheating

Zayn has been caught cheating on Y/N! She was in tears leaving the hotel the band was staying at. Did she catch him in the act or was it just a break up? He has always had the bad boy image indented into his career but it never seemed that way until now! Zayn and Y/N started dating in late 2013, and have always stayed private but is this the end of it? They were voted the cutest couple of 2014 by the famous buzz site, TheGlam! Did things change? Or was the distance too much for Y/N to handle? We will keep you posted on the break up!


Harry: New Relationship

Harry has been spotted with a new girl, she didn't seem like his usual 'type' but has she changed him? They were caught kissing at a hockey game in Canada, her supposedly home country. The One Direction fans are angry at Harry for lying to them but was it keep his lady friend safe? We have no idea! His relationships don't seem to last very long, but the way Harry has been in public with her has fans guessing what the hell is going on! We all hope he finds what he wants!


Louis: Breakup

Louis has not been himself since the messy breakup with Y/N, and it has us worried! What exactly went down between the two? We have had sources tell us that she cheated on him, but is it true? We might not ever know! Y/N just finished up her latest movie and is back in Australia for a few months, she brought her good friend Shane as her date to premiere which helped us figure out the breakup was real. We feel terribly bad for Louis, this could have a toll on the other One Direction boys, but we just hope for the best for them both!


Niall: Married

During this past weekend, Niall and Y/N tied the knot in marriage! They had a very private traditional wedding in Ireland with both families and a minimum of friends. Y/N looks absolutely stunning in her white beaded dress would was said to be made by her mother, one of Ireland's best fashion designers! Niall went with a simple black suit, which he looked gorgeous in! In the pictures that were taken we noticed Y/N's sister in tears as she walked down the aisle. The whole ceremony looked beautiful and looked emotional from some of the faces in the pictures!






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