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31. Preference #21- He Takes You To His Concert

Preference #21- He Takes You To His Concert



Liam:  You stood with one of Liam's body guards as the crowds of girls flowed into the arena, it was loud and stuffy. It wasn't your typical night but Liam wanted you to come so you came to support him. Your relationship has always been quite private but you've always wanted to be able to be there with him. "What time does the show start?" You asked the guy next to you. "Opening act starts at 8," He said smiling, you nodded and looked ahead. You were amazed by all of the fans, they all looked so happy. Which of course made you happy knowing Liam and his friends did this.

You got to your spot with the body guard standing beside the stage, your heart was thumping in your chest. You weren't sure what to expect during the concert, singing yes, but you didn't know what else. Within the next hour or so, the lights were dimmed and the concert begin. It began with a opening video of the boys traveling around the world, it was actually pretty cool. "Good evening America!" You knew the voice right away, Liam. 

The boys came open from a huge door, with big smiles plastered on their faces. Your boyfriend looked around at the crowd, he looked amazed! "How are you guys doing tonight?" Niall yelled into his mic, making the crowd roar.

The show was almost over but Liam still hasn't noticed you, which did make you sad but you ignored your feelings as the tune for Little Things started. "So as many of you know, I've been with Y/N for over 5 months and she has finally came to my concert!" Liam explained to the fans. Liam searched the crowd again, finally coming into contact with your eyes. He gave you a big smile before singing his solo.


Zayn: "I'm glad you came!" Zayn smiled as you walked down the hall. "Me too!" You said and jumped onto his back. "Woah there!" Zayn laughed and gripped onto your thighs. He carried me all the way to where the other boys were. It was a laidback room filled with food and drinks.

Liam was sitting on a chair, busy texting on his phone. Louis and Niall were playing some sort of video game and Harry was smiling at me and Zayn. "How are you Y/N?" Harry asked, grabbing a water from the table. "I'm good, and you?" You said politely. "I'm doing great!" He grinned and took a huge gulp of his water.

"Boys, the show starts in 20! Go get ready," One of the body guards said before shutting the door again. We were currently cuddling on one of the couches while watching the others. "I'll be right back," Zayn kissed your cheek and stood up with the rest of the guys.

Within five minutes Zayn was back and changed into his concert clothes. "Hey babe," He said and picked you up. "Zayn!" You squealed and he laid you down on the couch. "We only have 10 minutes," Zayn rushed out, kissing your lips.


Harry: You waited at the doors with your best friend, the lot was crowded with other people waiting to get in. It was raining outside but they can't let us in until the band is in safe. To me it was kind of stupid, everyone was getting wet but I'm glad I have my best friend because she came prepared. She brought a umbrella that could fit at least three people under it.

"Finally!" You whispered and grabbed onto her hand. You've been to many concerts before but never one of Harry's. You were always scared to watch him perform, but you didn't know why. Maybe it was because he made you nervous but you just ignored it as you found your seats.

"Does Harry know you're here?" Your friend asked and you shook your head. You and Harry had been fighting for a little while but you wanted to make it up to him. So you bought yourself tickets to try and make things better.

"Good evening Australia!" Liam shouted into his mic, grinning widely at the crowd. "How is everyone doing tonight?" Niall asked, walking towards the middle of the stage. The crowd cheered loudly before it quieted down a bit.

The tune for Better Than Words began, the stadium was filled with cheers, making it hard to heard more. Harry started singing and everything felt better. You felt tears sting your eyes as you watched Harry, he seems to always get into his singing, one thing you completely loved. You watched carefully seeing if he would finally notice you, it was the moment you were waiting for.
"But You're perfect to me," He sang the last part and of course glanced into your direction. His eyes scanned you quickly, he wouldn't look away. You knew that look, it was the look of disappointment...


"Thanks for coming babe," Louis kissed your cheek as you walked backstage. "Of course," You smiled, you had promised Louis that you would come to at least one of his concerts. You hated the screaming and loud noises, it gave you really bad headaches. But just once you decided you would stick it out and watch him perform.

"I'll see you after the show," Louis pecked your lips and got in position. Niall waved at you happily before you were led towards a part of the stage.

The crowd went wild as the boys walked out onto stage, chanting their names. It was a great sight to see, all of the stuff they created. "Good evening Canada!" Liam shouted into his mic. Cheers erupted into the crowd as the boys looked around the stage. "So tonight Louis' girlfriend is here with us!" Harry cheered into his mic, looking around. Many awe's and cheers went through the crowd, which made your heart flutter.

"Sing along if you know the words!" Liam shouted into his mic before Midnight Memories started. It was one of your favorite songs by them! You sung loudly as you could when Louis started singing. His voice literally brought shivers to your spine..

After the concert ended you were backstage waiting for Louis and the boys. The second you saw him, you were racing towards him. "You were amazing," You whispered before attaching your lips to his. "Thanks babe," He smiled against your lips.


Niall: You watched intently as Niall played his guitar, being honest it was pretty hot. He really got into it, and his chest was all sweaty. You shook the dirty thoughts and looked down at your little sister, who was dancing wildly. Your sister was in love with One Direction, and it just happened to be that you were dating one of the members. Niall. He gave you tickets and some type of VIP tickets as well. Your sister was beyond excited that your mother even let you take her to the concert, even if she was 11.

Once the concert was over you both waited until most of the crowd was cleared out before you started to walk backstage. Your sister was so nervous, she had a death grip on your hand. She was adorable. "You'll be fine," You reassured her and nodded your head at the security. You were already back here once so they must of remembered.

"Baby!" Niall shouted from across the big room. You let go of your sister and ran for him. "You were amazing!" You whispered into his ear and kissed his sweaty cheek. "Thanks," He said grabbing your waist tightly. "So where is the cutie?" Niall asked, swinging you around.

She was frozen in place, it was cute but kind of creepy at the same time. "Y/S/N come here!" You smiled and waited for her. She quickly walked over, holding your hand. "I'm Niall," He grinned and held out a hand. "Hi," She shyly said. "So I've heard... Liam is your celebrity crush?" He winked and grabbed her hand. You followed along, letting her try to talk to other people. She was very shy and rarely talks to people, so in order for your mom to say yes to the concert you said you'd get her to talk to the boys.  

"Liam! My bro!" Niall's accent was very thick, maybe because it was after a show? "Yes?" He turned and looked at you then your sister. "Oh hello," He smiled and stood up. "Y/N, nice to see you again. And who is this cutie?" He asked looking down at her. "My sister," You spoke up for her. She looked overwhelmed, but at the same time excited. "You're her favorite," Niall whispered and grabbed your hand.

"Hungry?" Niall asked and you nodded. The best thing about your relationship was you weren't afraid to eat a lot around him. "Same," He smirked and grabbed a plate for the two of you.

"She's doing great," Niall interrupted your thoughts. Your sister was actually talking to Liam and looked like she was having fun. Which was rare for her. "I know," You smiled and cuddled back into Niall.





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