1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


23. Preference #13- He Asks You To Move In

Preference #13- He Asks You To Move In



Liam: "Wow, I'm really liking the new kitchen." You looked over at Liam as your hand ran across the new counters. "It could be all yours babe," Liam smiled and started to walk over to you. You took a long sigh and glanced around. "Move in with me Y/N," He spoke up suddenly. "I'd love to," You turned and gave him a huge hug.


Zayn: "I love your bed!" You gushed turning to Zayn. His shirtless body making you stare. "Well darling.. Why don't you just move in?" He said awkwardly. Did he just? He did! "Zayn.." You dragged on. "Zaynnn.. What? You could just move in here!" He explained giving you a smile. "Well.." You bite your lip. "Please," He pouted, You could not say no..


Harry: "Y/N, my house is the perfect place for you. I have an office, an extra room and a huge kitchen!" Harry was trying to get you to move in with him. "Harry..." You said walking back into his kitchen. "What? Come on! This place is perfect for you. You are always here anyways, just make it easy and move in?" He smiled eagerly, waiting for your response. "As long as you don't get too messy," You smiled before rolling your eyes. "Thank you baby!" He said squishing you in a hug.


Louis: You watched silently as Louis cleaned the mess. He dropped the bowl of spaghetti all over his kitchen floor. "See this is why you need to move in with me!" He said looking up at you. "What?" You scrunched your eyebrows together. "You need to move in with me, these things wouldn't happen if you did." He sighed and dumped it into the garbage. "Oh..." You said quietly. "My love! Please Ma' Lady!" Louis's accent became sharper as he hand my hand. "Well when you ask like that," You kissed his cheek quickly. Maybe it was time for a change.


Niall: "So Y/N.." Niall said shyly as he opened a door to his new place. "Wow," You almost choked on that one word! The place was beyond beautiful, it felt like it was pulling you in to explore. "Babe, I want this to be OUR place," He said 'our' louder than the rest. "Niall.. I don't know," You gave him a look. "Please.." He sighed, rubbing circles on your hand. "Fine! Because I know you won't stop asking!" You finally gave in and decided maybe it would be fun?




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