1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


11. Preference #1- How You Met

Preference #1- How You Met



Liam:  A Fair. You were at the local fair in your city with two of your closest friends. You had gone on almost every single ride there but there was a few that your friends would not go on what so ever. But you were just dying to go on the craziest ride they had! Y/F/N's waited by the food stands for you as you stood in the unbelievably long line. But someone in particular made you have a second look. There stood Liam Payne, captain of the football and basketball team with all of his jock friends, but the weird thing is that he was staring directly into your eyes. With a nod of his head, you were walking over to him and his group. "Hey love, Have I seen you around before?" He smiled, you just shrugged. "You should come with me on the ride, just for safety." He smirked and I laughed slightly. "Sure," You smiled as you got to the front of the line. For the rest of the night, you hung out with Liam, his friends and yours. And by the end of the night you agreed to go out with him next week.



Zayn:  At A Club. You had a rough week and needed to just let loose and the club happened to be it. A few of your friends decided to come along and help you try to get stressfree. But one thing is you never thought you'd find the perfect guy. Well yes it started out as a drunken hook up but in the morning you had a feeling it wouldn't be the last time you woke up next to him.


Harry: A Fashion Show. Your friend got you and herself into a British Fashion Show! You couldn't believe it, you've never been around so many famous people it was overwhelming. And your seats! They were amazing! You were seated right next to the one and only Harry Styles. You knew his face, but you never thought that you'd ever get a date with him.


Louis: At A School Soccer Game. You were a cheerleader at your high school. It was the season starting soccer game for the boys. You watched in awe as the boys raced onto the field carrying a unknown face, he must of been the new star player. He was quite cute too. As the game proceeded on you kept feeling a fluttering in your stomach when the new boy scored. But it was a even weirder feeling when he pointed at you, signalling the goal was for you. You knew that'd you have to talk to him after the game. So when you did you got his number and arranged a fun date!


Niall: At A Lakers Game. You went to a basketball game with one of your closest guy friends. You were seated next to someone who had people ever so often taking pictures of. You thought it was weird but you chose to ignore it and watch the game. During half time they did the famous 'kiss cam' you never wanted to be on it but of course you were. It was you and the guy next to you. Your cheeks were flushed red as you leaned in to kiss his cheek. It was pure sparks when lips connected to his cheek. And he knew it too.






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