1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

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33. Imagine #8- He Cheats (Zayn)

Imagine #8- He Cheats (Zayn)



"I can't wait for this party!" Your best friend squealed as you curled your hair. "Same!" You smiled at her from the mirror. "What time was your mom driving us?" You asked and she just shrugged. "Her shift ended around 8," She said loudly from your closet. "Can I borrow some shoes?" She asked and you replied with a quick 'yes'. You finished up your make-up and started picking out a outfit for the night. You were going to see your boyfriend tonight, he has been gone for over 2 months because of family issues. This was his party and of course he invited you to come, but you felt bad without asking your best friend.

You went with a pair of black skinny jeans with a looser top, because well sometimes these parties get hot and stuffy and it would feel better without a tight top suffocating your body. "Ready?" She asked coming out of the bathroom you shared with your little sister. "Yeah," You glanced one last time at yourself and turned off the light.

"Call me if you need a ride home honey," Your dad smiled, and kissed your forehead. "Okay bye," You waved and ran towards the van. "Hello Y/N!" Her mom grinned, you gave her a quick smile and wave.

*On my way!* You sent a quick text to Zayn before putting your phone in a secure spot, or known as your bra.

"This party is going to be epic!" You smirked and walked right into the crowded house. His parents went out for the night just so he could have this party, he was spoiled in those ways. I would get grounded if I ever had a party! "I know, I already need a drink!" You both laughed and headed for the kitchen. He was also rich, not much people can have parties and supply all of the booze for everyone but I guess tonight was special enough!

"Have you seen Zayn yet?" You asked but she shook her head and handed you a raspberry cooler. "Thanks," You mumbled and followed her out. Most of the party was outside where a huge fire was burning, it was actually kind of pretty looking.

"Well if it isn't my beautiful girl!" Someone shouted from behind us, it was Zayn.. It was Y/F/N's boyfriend, Trevor. "Hey babe," She kissed his lips and ran a hand up his chest. "I didn't know you were coming, Zayn didn't tell me." He squinted and smiled down at her. She just shrugged and looked at you. "Well he invited us?" You giggled and took a gulp. Trevor was one of Zayn's good friends, which is how you met him. "Do you know where he is?" You asked. "Uh, I think he's around the fire somewhere." He responded and smiled. You nodded and your eyes wandered over the crowd of people.

It was at least five minutes before you saw his longer hair now, he looked really different. But the one thing that seemed way different was the girl he had against his side as he kissed her. You looked back at Y/F/N who was already walking over to him.

"You're a jerk, you know that?" You heard the shout but just stayed put. "She got all dressed up for you, but you had to do this to her." She huffed and grabbed Trevor's hand. "Where is she?" Zayn yelled and searched around. You were praying he wouldn't see you but of course he saw you. His face dropped and he pushed the girl away.

"Y/N, please." Zayn shouted as Y/F/N pulled you away. You shook her hand from yours and walked quickly over to him. "No Zayn! Screw you! You think you are so cool because you got more than one girl at your feet? You aren't, it is childish and sick! We were together for over an year, but I'm thinking during that whole time you were cheating?" You didn't wait for a reply and just kept spitting out things. "I should of listened to my head to not fall for you, but I guess not. I don't want you to ever contact me! I hate you Zayn Malik." You whispered the last words. 

The crowd of people were now all focused on you but you could care less as you went up to the girl. You whispered something in her ear before going back over to Y/F/N. "What did you say?" Trevor asked but you just smirked. "You crazy girl!" Y/F/N laughed, she knew exactly what you said..



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