1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2014


9. Imagine #7- Spin The Bottle (Louis)

Imagine #7- Spin The Bottle (Louis)



You felt like you were in middle school again. A few friends decided to play spin the bottle at a party, you hesitantly joined as well.


At first you got shy because Louis the boy you've been crushing on for a while now was also playing. By the look of his smirk you knew he was going to enjoy this game which made you even more nervous.


"Y/N babe, why don't you come sit beside me?" Louis smiled warmly up at you, you quickly nodded and sat down. "How are you tonight?" He asked politely. "I'm good thank you, how are you?" You asked back which made him smile. "I'm wonderful, thanks love." He gave you a quick wink before turning his attention back to the middle.


You watched as the first boy known as Niall spun the clear bottle. It landed on another friend of yours who was flushed red. "Come here princess," Niall cooed smiling at her. She slowly crawled over to him sitting directly in front of him.


It was a short kiss but left the girl shocked. She looked like she just had the best kiss of her life, maybe even her first. "Okay Niall, pick someone to go." Y/F/N grinned and sat back down.


Your nerves were running through your body wildly as he grabbed the bottle and spun it fast. It was passing you on the fifth one before it started to slow down.


You looked anywhere but the bottle as it slowly came to a stop. "Yay Y/N!" Someone said happily. Your eyes were wide as you stared at the bottle pointed at you.


You looked over at Louis who was smirking. Taking a big gulp you leaned up by your knees and grabbed his neck. His hands were on your hips as you both leaned in slowly.


The kiss was longer than you expected. His mouth were very skillful in your mind, wow. Once you felt his hands squeeze your bum, you gasped into his mouth allowing him access. He took the opportunity and played with your tongue as you just followed along.


Your hands tightened around his neck as he moved closer to you. It has been a good minute but the kiss felt so good. "Okay Y/N, Louis. Take it upstairs." Someone said making the two of you break apart. "Fine," Louis pulled you up and led you through the drunken teenagers.


He opened up a door which led to a darker room. The lights flickered on as you took it all in. "Come on love," Louis smiled at you and gently pulled you towards the bed, pushing your body down on it.


"So where were we?" Louis whispered before attacking your lips with his.


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