1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

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8. Imagine #6- Marriage (Niall)

Imagine #6- Marriage (Niall)


It was a nerve racking day but you pulled through. It must of been the bottle of wine you chugged down before you went down the aisle. Or the way Niall watched you come down the aisle.


You were standing in front of a body long mirror. All of your friends were getting ready in their dresses and putting on make up as you stared at yourself disgusted. You never felt like you were good enough for Niall but he always told you otherwise.

You took a deep breath and walked over to your dream dress. It was your vision since you were at least six. It was white with a tight fitting. You loved it so much, and your bridesmaids dresses were a light pink. You went for a older fashion type wedding.

"Sweetheart!" Your mother said as she rushed through the dark brown doors. "Yes?" You turned and gave her a quick smile. "Niall is here! It's time to start getting you ready." She smiled and pushed you gently over to a makeup table that you Y/B/F/N set up. Right when she said Niall's name your nerves set in big time. "Mom, I'm beyond scared." You whispered as she wiped your face. Her hand fell from your face as she looked at you. "Sweetie, there is no need to be nervous okay? Everything will be fine, you will do great I swear." She kissed your forehead and continued.


After you were ready you had to wait for your dad to come which might not ever happen. You haven't seen him in well over a year but he still promised to show up. He left your mother almost five years ago for no reason! He just packed up and left the two of you. "Hun, let me just walk you down the aisle," Your mother smiled and squeezed your hand. You smiled and followed her. It had been an hour and you needed things to be kept on track.

"Ready sweetie?" Your mom grinned at you. "I think so," You said with a shaky voice. "I love you, you'll do great." She gave your hand one final squeeze and then. Started walking. A few of your relatives from dad's side gave you weird looks. Like he's in family it's not my fault he never showed up. You just shook your head and continued smiling at Niall. He was in a grey tux, gosh did he look beautiful! He was biting on his lip, you knew he did that when he was nervous.

It was very difficult for your mom to hand you off because well she raised you and she feels like she will loose you forever. But that would never happen. "I love you mom," You said before walking up the two steps to stand next to Niall.

"We are gathered here today to wed these two lovely people! Niall James Horan and Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N!" The women with the book smiled as people smiled right back at her.

After she read the little speech about love, she nodded towards Niall. "So Y/N, I love you with all my heart and I wanted to be cheesy well I think it's cheesy but I wrote you a poem." Niall blushed and pulled a small piece of paper out of his pant pocket.

The day I first met you at that Meet & Greet I knew I had to just at least talk to you. I know it took Harry and Zayn to help me but once I got the courage, I marched right up to you and talked. You were always a easy person to talk to, you still are but as I was saying! When I went home that night with your number, I never stopped smiling. I'll make this short but Y/N I love you and you are going to be my beautiful wife in under ten minutes!

Niall smiled at you before putting the paper away. It was short but it brought back many memories of you two, it made you cry. "Now to the vows!" The woman said and smiled again.

"I do," You said trying to hold in your tears as you put the gold ring on Niall's finger. "Niall do you promise to keep and protective Y/N for as long as you shall live?" "I do," Niall was grinning like a total idiot as he slipped the ring onto your finger. "You may kiss the bride!" Everyone cheered as Niall grabbed your waist.

The kiss was gentle but lustful. It held love and care as your arms were wrapped around his broad shoulders. "Looks like I finally found my princess, and get to keep her forever," Niall whispered against your lips.



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