1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

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5. Imagine #4- Meeting His Parents (Niall)

Imagine #4- Meeting His Parents (Niall)



"Babe, you don't have to be nervous," Niall held your hand as he drove through the city. "It's hard not to be! What if they don't like me? Or think you could do better?" You panicked, squeezing his hand tightly. "They aren't like that I promise," He smiled which you returned quickly. "Okay," You sighed and watched the passing people in their cars.


"Come on in! It's raining!" Niall's mother said grabbing both of your arms. "Thank you," You said politely. She smiled at you before Niall. "She is gorgeous!" She nudged him making Niall blush. "Hunny! Get in Here!" She said excitedly giving you a second look.

"Hi, I'm Y/N." You said about to shake Niall's dad's hand but instead he brought you into a hug. "We hug around here," He joked which made you laugh lightly. This whole time Niall watched as you interacted with his parents. "Lunch is almost ready, Niall darling show Y/N around the house." His mom said and pulled her love away. "Lead the way," You said holding his hand in yours.


"So this is our living room, I know it's small," He smiled. It had a dark turn to it, You actually really like it. "But who cares about any of this, I'll show you my old room." He smirked and raced with you up the stairs.

"I'm digging the superhero posters babe," You joked which again made Niall blush. "Try out this sweet bed!" He patted the red blanket as you jumped onto it. "Mmh," You mumbled, as the bed dipped down. "Lunch!" You heard his mother sweet voice announce. "I'm starving!" Niall jumped off the bed leaving you behind. What a ahole!

It was a simple lunch but still looked great. She made soup and sandwiches. The bread must be homemade!

"This looks amazing," You said taking a seat next to Niall. "Thanks love," She smiled at you and served you some soup. "Niall slow down hunny," She cooed and patted his shoulder. His dad was chuckling lightly before shaking his head. Niall has always been a heavy eater even though he's very skinny.


After an hour of eating and talking, Niall wanted to get going back you didn't, so of course you stayed. "Mom, stop pesturing her," Niall said in a annoyed tone. Was he horny? You shook the thought and lightly hit his knee. "She is not pesturing me!" You said and smiled at his mom. "That lunch was great thank you." You grinned at her. "Oh well thank you for coming! It was nice to finally meet you." She said in a rather cheery tone.

You talked for a few more hours before you knew it was time to go. "Come again please! Niall treat her right! She's a keeper." His mom grinned then attached onto his husband. "Have a safe trip my boy, and Y/N keep him in line." His dad was such a nice guy and a jokester. "Oh I will!" You playfully winked at Niall as he hugged his parents and said his goodbyes.


"Holy crap, we need to get to the hotel, I have a growing..." He pointed down to his pants. This made you burst into a fit of laughter. "That's why you were so grumpy!" You could not stop the laughter that fell from your mouth. "Shut up or I'll punish you," Niall gave you a wicked smirk, which shut you right up.


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