1D Imagines and Preferencess

These all belong to me, please don't copy them! This book mostly is preferences with a few imagines I hope you enjoy!

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3. Imagine #2- Marriage (Harry)

Imagine #2- Marriage (Harry)



Your POV:


Today was the day. The day where you marry the love of your life, Harry Styles. It's crazy how these things isn't it? You never thought you'd be marrying this young, but you both could not wait! Things happened so quick between the two of you, all of your friends doubted it but screw them! You loved him and he loved you so why wait?


The jitters were insane, you felt sick. It wasn't a bas feeling, you were just nervous to see him in his tux. He is so beautiful.. Your mother watched as one of your bridesmaids fixed your hair and zipped up your gorgeous white fluffy dress. Her eyes were filled with tears, which almost made you cry. Her only daughter was getting married, it may be hard for her today.

"Mom," You pulled her into your arms. "I'm sorry! I'm just so happy." She choked out before kissing your cheek. "I love you, I'll see you in there." She gave you a reassuring look before leaving, closing the doors behind her.

"You look so beautiful Y/N, I can't believe my best friend is getting married!" Your best friend said wiping under her eyes. "Aw babe!" You laughed and hugged her. "If he hurts you I swear I wi-" You cut her off before she finished saying, "I'll do the beating with you," You winked playfully which made her giggle loudly. "Let's go get married," She grabbed your hand tightly. When she said the words you knew this wasn't a dream. This was actually happening! Your dad would have to hand you to Harry, this is going to be a emotional day for you that's for sure!


"Sweetie, You look beautiful," Your dad smiled widely as you walked towards him. "Thanks dad," You returned the smile and linked your arms together. "You ready?" He whispered and you hesitated before nodding. "Just scared that's all," You whispered back, which oddly made him smile. "You'll do fine, I promise." He said as the music began.

You cautiously walked with your dad after all of the bridesmaid and men. Your heart was pounding through your chest, but strangely enough it was a good feeling. It a short thirty minutes you would be officially and legally married to Harry.

As your dad came to a stop, it took all of his power to let you go. He would always be your #1 man but he knew that'd he'd have to let go sooner or later. "I love you," He whispered and slowly slipped your hand from his. The tears were blurring your vision as you stepped up next to Harry.

"You look beautiful baby," He smiled at me before eyeing your body and the dress. "Thanks," You whispered before the ceremony started.



"I do," You said happily and slipped the ring onto his finger. "Harry, do you promise to love and protect Y/N with everything you have? Do you promise to always be by her side no matter the problem?" The man asked, Harry was grinning so big. "I do," He gently took your hand in his and slipped the silver ring on. "Y/N and Harry! You are officially married! You may kiss the bride!" The man cheered before smiling at us. Harry smirked at you before grabbing your waist and smooching you like it was the last time.

Cheers filled the church as you and Harry walked down the aisle hand and hand. "I love you my beautiful wife," Harry grinned, looking down at you. "I love you my handsome husband." You smiled back, you both were such dorks but that's what made you perfect for each other.

You really could not believe that he was officially yours forever. The love in his eyes were unreal, it was the happiest day of your life!

"I don't know if I can wait until tonight to take you on own bed," Harry said, playing with your painted nails. "Harry!" You squealed when he picked you up. He walked up to the limo and placed you inside. He sped walked to the other side and got in. "How about a quickie?" He winked and attacked you with kisses.


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