my outfit request shop

so here im going to take requests on any type of outfits you want made and ill make them, they will most likely have up to 2 days waiting period before you get them, because I am currently a bit busy. but hope you like this :)


1. imformation needed! for outfits

hey there so in this book im going to be making outfits for anyone who wants them, you can have up to 5 outfits at 1 time, if you really want, and it will have 2-3 days waiting period, or shorter depending on what is happening in my life at the time, cause im going to be helping out someone with their newborn baby in about a weeks time and I have school too.

anyway so here is the information you need to give to me for them:


1) what type of top and jumper/hoodie(if your having a top/jumper/hoodie):

2) what type of pants/skirts/shorts(again if your having pants/skirts/shorts):

3) what type of shoes(e.g. runners, heels, Nike, or any other shoes):

4)if you want any  jewellery/bags/nail polish with any of the outfit:


5) what type of dress(e.g. party/casual/formal/prom) ----  5) and what style of dress you want.


6) anything else you want with the outfit too :)


okay so if you want an outfit let me know and I'll make them for you :)

- Joyce x


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