•The Truth•

It's about a girl who is a out cast & finds out that she's adopted & meets her first true love. #love #drama


1. •who I am•

this is me•

I'm Bayleigh , Bay for short. Today is my birthday Oct.31.13 I'm Turing 15 I was born in 98. Well here's how it all went down.

As I walk down stairs to get breakfast "happy birthday Bayleigh!" Then my dad & sister Analise wished me a happy birthday blah blah blah well I walked into my room to fine two letters on my night stand one says " Our dearest Bayleigh Santannah Marie - mom & dad" the other one says "To my lovely bay -Mom" so I'm reading the mom & dad one first it reads

" To our dearest Bayleigh Santannah Marie the day me & your dad adopted you was one of the best days of our life since your 15 know we though you should know love you - mom & dad"

The other note says

"My first born daughter Bay Santannah Marie"

"The day I gave you up to a better family was the hardest day of my life. It's been 14 years I'm happy I got too see the first year of your life my little fall baby. You have two sisters Daphne & Brelaynd. who want too meet you just as bad as I do, love you bay - Mommy"❤️

I walk to the kitchen in shock mom told me she was unstable & could not take care of me. " mom can I meet her & my other siblings?" " I don't see why you can't. I'll give her a call & make plans sweetie." " okay mom." I said

Well after that experience I called Jackson this guy I just met we've been really close. I think I have feelings for him. I feel that he has some for me when he kissed me that once that was my first kiss & it was amazing & with the most perfect person. Right from then we've always been going on picnics & from that moment i swear me & him were infinity.

"Bay!" Mom called "yeah!" " come down here I need too talk to you." "Okay." So I walk down stairs she said " sweetie start packing were going this weekend to see your mom!" I was speechless I started packing & I found out she lived in somewhere in north Kansas we live west so that's a 5 hour drive.

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