•The Truth•

It's about a girl who is a out cast & finds out that she's adopted & meets her first true love. #love #drama


2. •In the car•


"Mom" I said "yes."

She says "are we almost there?"

"Yes we are" I get really happy

We pull up to a little blue house that's big enough for like four people so I knock

A girl with black hair answers I ask "are you Kathie?" "Yes." " I'm your daughter bay!" She came in for a hug

I go inside it's really vintage & nice two girls are

On the couch they have red hair & blue eyes " this is Daphniee & Brilynd " mom said they Gave me a hug "I'm going to go start dinner " "okay" we all say

" okay sweetie I'm going to a hotel I'll come & get you in the morning love you" Regina says.

Bri & Daphne asked if I had any crushes I told them about Jackson & they told me what's been happing the last 14-13 years.

I couldn't be any happier.

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