•The Truth•

It's about a girl who is a out cast & finds out that she's adopted & meets her first true love. #love #drama


6. • In love •

• In Love •

So me & Jackson are a couple now

I can't get the thought out of my head it's amazing. I love him. We're meeting again at night to the park. I get dressed in a back lose dress and straighten my black curly hair & but it in a high pony. So here we go I say as I'm on his way to the park. I see him on a flannel blanket, it's gorgeous. We look at the stars all night & talk about our future. He gets up leans over on top I me and kisses me I kiss him back I'm leaning up now with my legs laid out and hand behind my back holding me up. It becomes more then that,

It was amazing, I have so much feeling for him.

I almost cried when I had to leave "I love you bay. I always did." He said we kissed & I left & went home. As I'm getting ready for bed Ana comes in my room "Hey , what's going on with you and Jack" she asked. " we're going out now." I said " have you guys had sex?" She asked "no! Why would you ask that that's personal!" I said " because you've been strange for the past couple weeks & today you were fine" she said " well that's not your business" I said "alright" she said as she's about to leave the room.

Mom calls me "hey mom how are you feeling?" I ask on the phone " fine sweetie, I think were ganna have a wake for the baby this Saturday I though you should come." "okay I'll be there mom love you I'm going to bed now goodnight" I said

It's Friday morning.

As I'm getting on the bus, my best Friend Gemma Riley asked if I did the report oh shit I said to my self I didn't finish. I quickly finished as were pulling up into the school. I hate school as I went to my locker this morning the teacher asked me to go to the office. She said someone was here for me. I go to the office & it was my mom. She was taking me out early for lunch so we can look for houses & Bri had a doctors visit today.

We went to the diner I just got a bagel with cream cheese & a coffee. Very refreshing huh. So I told my mom what went on with me and Jack. She was happy that we were daiting. At the doctors bri just got a prescription for he cold. Then I went home same routine all over again......

On Saturday I attended the baby's wake mom was ganna name her Jessa Merine. It was a depressing days for the whole fanily. It was nov-10-13

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