•The Truth•

It's about a girl who is a out cast & finds out that she's adopted & meets her first true love. #love #drama


5. • falling in love •

•So this happens•

The nurse broke my silence " She was 2 months along Dr. Keeyan." Nurse rose said. They told me & Bri to leave the room for a little while Daphniee was home with Analise & Regina. "Bri , let's give Daph a call and tell her what's going on." I said " okay let's do it". As I dial Daphniees number the nurse comes out & says "everything's fine. It's normal for a miss carry at this middle age in life were your body becomes less frugal.

On our way home Jackson calls "hey Bay can you meet me by the lake on Tuesday at six?" " yeah sure" I said. So the next morning I get ready for school. "hunny hurry up your ganna be late for the bus!" Regina says I rush down stairs.

Long bus ride. Finally at school.

We have to do a English report. Ugh I'm peered up with Jane Wilson. It's about emotions & all that stupid Crap. Finally time to go home!

So I go home, my mom made this chicken Parm sorta thing idk it's actually good she's not really known for being a "Great cook" finally that awkward silent dinner is over.

I go to meet Jackson. I knock on the door & he answers and there's this candle light dinner he said it's for me and him he pulled out the chair & pushed me in I smiled. He said " Bay , I only want you. I want you to be my one & only. I've loved many girls before you but your different your gorgeous my favorite thing about you bay is your innocents. I love every part of you head to toe." I think in my head " how can he love me? Has he seen me? I'm just " little miss wendsday Adams" as the kids in school say... I said" Jackson I love you too , but I don't see how you can love someone like me. " I just do . Your beautiful Bayleigh Sanatannah Marie Franlin I want you to be mine forever" he said I teared up. He reaches out to kiss me & the perfect song comes on. It's the perfect moment. I guess it's official we're a couple.

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