A L L. O V E R. A G A I N.

My name is, or used to be, Cierra Hill.

And I died.

Then I woke up.

As another person

Lenia Doyle.

And I cant talk.

And then a miracle happens. I find my 'disney prince', Alex Kinsley.
And I have to make him fall in love with me all over again.


1. O N E

I took a glance, once more, around the hospital room; it seemed like a dream now, the beeping becoming quicker, and higher, until it finally stopped. I felt his arms around me just like the very first time; and the very last. Our eyes met for a split second until my heart stopped beating.

His arms felt like waves now, slowly rocking me back and forth. I opened my eyes, to find myself in a sea, on a boat. I could see the shore; yet I didn't know how to get to it. The sea was golden, and the sun blazed bright in the sky as I looked to shore and found my mom-- she had died of a heart attack last summer. My grandparents, all of my dead friends and family awaited me on shore. I had to get there.

Without thinking, I dived straight into the water.

My legs kicked furiously against the current; gold had suddenly turned a deathly blue. The current swept me side to side, and I just kept kicking, determined to get to shore. A wave crashed down on me and swept me under, but I climbed to the surface and tried again. Another wave hit, and my legs were tired. I tried and tried to furiously kick against the current, gasping for air, until my legs stopped, and the current pulled me deeper into the black waters.


I flung myself up, and my eyes jolted open. I looked around, and realized I was in a hospital room, but not the same as before. Unfamiliar faces crowded around me, some with tears, some doctors, some smiles.

"Lenia! Lenia can you hear me?! Lenia your alive! Oh, my god! Your ok!" A woman with blonde hair and a round face sobbed. My name wasn't Lenia-- it was Cierra. And I just... Died. In his arms; in Alex's arms.

"Now, Mrs. Doyle, let's not overwhelm the poor child. Do you want anything to drink, Lenia?" A doctor with a mustache and piercing white coat asked. I looked around the room, trying to find an explanation for what was going on. I stared in shock, around the room. I opened my mouth to speak, and tried to explain to the doctor what happened, but no words came out. I tried again, stressing my throat, and felt it burning, like someone lit a match and threw it down my throat. I tried to scream out in pain, but nothing was there. I turned to look at my reflection in the window, but instead of my bright green eyes, dark brown hair, and clear face, I instead saw a stranger looking back at me.

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