A New Day

This is a Carl x Reader Fanfiction


1. Waking Up

How did this happen? Why me? Why now? Question after question went through my head but the biggest one was Will anyone find me? I was separated from my family.... I was on my way to camp when I saw THEM. The Walkers. We were walking to the doors of the camp when we heard a kid scream. I turned and saw one of THEM biting a kid younger than me. Everyone ran off, forgetting about me. I stood there watching people one by one get eaten before I finally got to my senses and ran. I ran to a house that seemed empty and have stayed there since. It has been two years sense and I'm now thirteen. I know how to live on my own, and am no longer the scared girl I used to be. The apocalypse changes people, and luckily for my sake and everyone else's I changed in a good way. I didn't change like those guys you see wandering the streets looking for ANY head to bash in, and I sure ain't a walker.

I'm lucky to have been born in Texas. My dad made me tough! He didn't want a sissy girl for a daughter! These days I'm happy he raise me the way he did. It turned out for the best.

I was walking down the street. Searching for food and other supplies when I heard voices from up ahead. I quickly ducked behind a car before I could be seen. The voices and footsteps got closer and closer..... I quickly got my gun ready and when I heard the footsteps stop I quickly got up and aimed at the culprit.

It was a boy. He seemed to be a year or so older then I was. He had his gun aimed at me and mine was aimed at him. I heard a cough and quickly glanced at the person the noise came from.... No not person, people. There was a whole group of people standing behind the boy, all their weapons aimed at me. I lowered my gun slowly while staring at the group.

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