Ditched (A Harry Styles FanFic)

"As long as you keep trying to make things better, you'll be on the right track.''
''What if I mess up?"
"Then you start again."
"Will you be with me if I mess up?"
"I'll always be here."
Elizabeth was an average 19-year old that was on a cross country trip through Europe with her best friend Carson. Until Carson ditched her with purely innocent motives. Now, as Elizabeth is on her own in the United Kingdom she meets five boys. Due to her lack of musical knowledge, she doesn't recognize them as One Direction, but is eager to welcome them as friends no matter who or what they are. Harry is awestruck by Elizabeth and her personality and soon begins to fancy her. Elizabeth isn't the type of girls he's used to however, and when he does something that might bring back bad memories, will they be able to pull through for the better?


8. Louis' Type

***Harry's P.O.V***

''I could've gotten one more p-person, and I didn't, and I-I didn't,'' a pained voice cried from the direction of the living room. I cocked my head in confusion and glanced back at Louis who seemed just as surprised as me. It sounded like a male's voice, but I didn't think Elizabeth would have let someone into the flat without asking me. So, I closed the door gently and tip-toed to the living room to investigate. As I reached the door I was met by the heart wrenching sound of Elizabeth sobbing.

''Oh, Schindler,'' I heard her mumble in a heart-broken voice. I stepped into the room and looked at the scene in front of me. Elizabeth was curled up in a ball on the couch, hugging her knees close to herself as her puffy eyes were riveted on the screen. She didn't seem to notice me due to her undivided attention on the black and white movie that was playing on my TV. It seemed that our positions were reversed, because I couldn't take my eyes away from the shattered looking girl sitting on my couch. The way her eyes seemed so broken at that moment, like there was something else besides the movie that was making her crack on the inside, it made me want to walk over to her and wrap my arms around her. At the moment though, all I could do was wonder at how remarkably beautiful she was even with tears streaming down her cheeks.

It wasn't until her eyes tore away from the screen that I was brought out of my trance. ''Harry?'' she questioned, her voice trembling somewhat.

I cautiously approached her, sitting down on the couch and pulling her into my arms. I stroked her hair as she cried and whispered calming and comforting reassurances. ''Are you okay?'' I asked her even though the answer was painfully obvious.

She pulled away from me, to my disappointment, and paused the movie which looked like it was coming to a close anyways. ''Yeah, sorry, this movie gets to me every time,'' she answered, wiping tears away from her baby blue eyes. Emotions swirled around in those eyes until they seemed to all stop and her eyes suddenly seemed guarded, as if she had felt me starring into her soul and raised a barrier.

I frowned slightly and looked towards the TV, ''what was it?''

'' 'Schindler's List','' she answered, her voice still slightly strained from her earlier sobs, ''it's about World War II and the whole killing of the Jews.''

I nodded and looked back at her to find that she was sniffling while looking down at the fabric of the couch. ''Did you watch the interview?'' I asked. It had been eating away at me ever since the boys (mainly Louis) had started teasing me at the interview. No matter how hard I tried though, I couldn't get them to change the topic.

''Yeah,'' she answered, still looking down at the couch. My heart beat elevated and I prayed that she hadn't figured anything out yet. It seemed that I waited forever before she asked something that made my whole body freeze and yet boil with jealousy, ''Louis's single?''

My jaw clenched and I cursed Louis with all the vile words that I knew. Of course she would end up liking Louis. He's the oldest of us boys, probably the craziest and funniest, and not to mention he was significantly good looking. I nodded in response to her question and then added, ''him and his last girlfriend broke up a few months again.''

''Oh,'' she answered.

''It was a mutual breakup,'' I assured her seeing that she looked a little sorry when she heard the predicament.

''Oh,'' she said, a little more cheerfully this time and I felt a stab in my heart. ''What's his type?''

At that point I wanted to take the nearest thing and throw it at the wall, and I struggled to keep my cool demeanor, ''he likes free, outgoing, friendly girls. Someone who's not afraid to say what she thinks.''

With every inch her smile grew, my heart constricted and I felt like it was getting more and more impossible to breathe. ''Thank you so much, Curly,'' she responded. Then my breath caught in my throat when she added, ''I need to go talk to Louis.'' All I could do was stare blankly at the spot where she was just sitting. What is happening to me? Why is there so much anger building up in me right now? Why should I care if Elizabeth likes Louis and not me? I numbly walked to my room, passing by Louis and Elizabeth who were both laughing, and slammed my door louder than I had expected.


I woke up to the sound of knocking on my bedroom door. I hadn't even known that I had fallen asleep until I found myself facing a clock that read two hours later that when I had last looked at it. ''What?'' I grumbled.

''Whoa, someone's grumpy,'' Louis' cheerful voice said from behind the door. I groaned and threw my pillow at the door when he tried to walk in. ''Oi Harry, what did I ever do to you?'' he asked with a chuckle.

''Leave me alone,'' I insisted, stuffing my face into the sheets of my bed. He ignored my protests and sat on the edge of my bed.

''You've actually found a really good girl, my little Harry,'' Louis said with a sigh. He poked me to try and get me to do something, but his comment alone made me smack away his hand forcefully.

''Yeah, well enjoy her, Louis, because I'm pretty sure she likes you more than she likes me,'' I spat.

Louis just busted out laughing, so hard in fact that he fell onto the floor and just started to roll around. ''H-Harry,'' he started in between infectious laughter, ''are you kidding me? If she liked me, why would she have just spent the last two hours trying to convince me that Carson is my perfect match?''

I sat up in my bed and looked at him with confusion painted on my face, ''she was...'' I face palmed and groaned, ''no wonder she wanted to know what your type was.''

He nodded and stood up from the floor, ''you might have to watch out Harry-boo, this Carson girl sounds pretty cool. Larry Stylinson might just be over.''

My eyes went wide and I started laughing too, ''the bromance will never end Boo-Bear.''

There was a cough from the doorway and my cheeks burned red when I saw Elizabeth standing in the open doorway. Her hand was placed over her heart and she had a fake sentimental expression on her face, '' this is so touching.''

Louis smiled before attacking me with a hug and then walking out of the room, blowing me a kiss as he sauntered out. I shook my head, chuckling even as Elizabeth walked into my room. She spun around, seeming to take in the whole surrounding. Her eyes finally landed on me and she suddenly asked, ''are we still going to the store tomorrow?''

''Yep,'' I said popping the 'p'.

Her shoulders slouched and she headed back towards the door, ''don't be surprised if I go missing in the next twenty-four hours.''

I chuckled as she walked out of my room.


Sorry that it was such a short chapter. Until next time.


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