Ditched (A Harry Styles FanFic)

"As long as you keep trying to make things better, you'll be on the right track.''
''What if I mess up?"
"Then you start again."
"Will you be with me if I mess up?"
"I'll always be here."
Elizabeth was an average 19-year old that was on a cross country trip through Europe with her best friend Carson. Until Carson ditched her with purely innocent motives. Now, as Elizabeth is on her own in the United Kingdom she meets five boys. Due to her lack of musical knowledge, she doesn't recognize them as One Direction, but is eager to welcome them as friends no matter who or what they are. Harry is awestruck by Elizabeth and her personality and soon begins to fancy her. Elizabeth isn't the type of girls he's used to however, and when he does something that might bring back bad memories, will they be able to pull through for the better?


6. Irrational Jealousy

***Harry's P.O.V.***

"Where's our little leprechaun?'' Liam asked when he walked through the door and noticed Niall was missing. I had been wondering the same thing. Elizabeth had just finished with the dinner and we would have to eat without him if he didn't come soon. We all knew he'd be mortified if we did that. I shrugged in response to Liam's question.

''Dinner's ready!'' Elizabeth exclaimed happily. The boys headed towards the table where she was setting down the food. She looked around and then asked, ''where's Niall?''

''I don't-,'' I started but was interrupted by the door opening and closing followed by Niall's giddy voice ringing through the room.

''Sorry I was late, but I brought candy!'' Niall announced.

Elizabeth ran towards him and hugged him tightly, making my heart constrict. ''Niall, you're my hero!''

He smiled and hugged her back, being careful not to hit her with the bags of candy. ''It's just candy,'' he said with a chuckle.

''You don't understand, I haven't had candy in months!'' she said as she let go of him. ''My sweet tooth has been bugging me like crazy!'' Huh, so she has a sweet tooth, that's something to remember.

''Hey, I didn't get a hug when I came in,'' Liam said with a fake pout.

Elizabeth giggled and hugged him too as she stated, ''if I had hugged you when you came in, I would've gotten chicken parmesan all over you.''

It was refreshing to see that the boys all got along with Elizabeth, she just seemed to fit in, you know? ''Food!'' Niall yelled, pulling me out of my thoughts as he rushed past me to the table and sat down. I chuckled and followed him as everyone joined in at the meal. I had to give credit to Elizabeth, she had basically made a feast for us. Niall and the other boys were already digging in, whereas Elizabeth was just folding her hands and closing her eyes. When the boys noticed her silence they looked over at her and went quiet. After a moment one of her eyes peeked open and she looked at us.

''What?'' she questioned, pulling her hands apart and serving herself with a grace that neither the boys or I had when we took our food. It was all making sense now, the purity ring, her kindness, well not that all of them were necessarily nice, but most were.

''You're religious?'' Liam asked with an eyebrow raised.

She made an O with her lips and she nodded as she cut into her food, ''yeah, raised in a Christian household, saved and baptized at the age of seven. Is there a problem with that?'' She gave us her full attention with that, earnestly waiting to see our response. She didn't say it rudely, she honestly wanted to know our opinions about her choice of religious standing.

''No, not at all, me and Louis are Christian also,'' Liam said.

''Me and Harry, are catholic, what are you specifically?'' Niall asked.

"Baptist,'' she said, ''not that it matters, I mean we all believe in God don't we? What about you Zayn?''

Zayn looked up from his plate and answered, "Muslim.'' She smiled warmly at him and I couldn't help but smile back, she accepted anyone as long as they treated others well.

''That's cool, I don't know a lot about all the religions, but I respect them,'' she said as she went back to her food. ''But enough about me, I want to know about you guys. You're all hilarious, I bet you have stories.''

''Oh yes, we have lots of stories,'' Louis said with a twinkle in his eyes as he looked towards me. Oh no.

''Louis,'' I warned him.

He didn't seem to hear me as his smile grew wider, ''there was this one time that all of us were walking, and someone was recording us. Well, Harry here tripped and fell.'' Elizabeth giggled and I looked down at my plate feeling a deep blush form on my cheeks even though I knew Louis could have shared much worse than this. I mentally cursed the boys for putting me next to Elizabeth, because I knew she could see my red cheeks. ''Of course, us -being the friends that we are- didn't want our friend to be embarrassed, so we all pretended to trip, making it look like we planned it.'' All the boys joined along with Elizabeth as she laughed, and even I had to let out a small chuckle.

''Oh, what about that time when you ran into the sliding glass door, Harry,'' Niall said with a huge smile. it seemed like the boys were going to make me suffer tonight. Elizabeth looked at me and I could see the huge smile that seemed to brighten the room.

"don forget that you ran into the same door,'' I defended and that made Elizabeth go crazy with laughter, like when I had taken Kevin away from Louis. which reminded me, I'm probably going to have to look out in case Louis tries to get me back.

''I thought it was open,'' Niall said as a dark red graced his cheeks and he looked down at his plate, stuffing his food in his mouth before he could dig his hole any deeper.

''That was nothing compared to the time that Harry started sleep walking at that one hotel!'' Zayn exclaimed with so much enthusiasm that I thought it was impossible for him.

I remembered that, I remembered that too well, which as why I quickly said, ''Zayn! Don't.''

He looked at me with a smirk, ''C'mon, Harry, it's not that bad.'' He turned towards Elizabeth, ''it was after he begged us to watch the movie 'Titanic' and he fell asleep at the foot of Louis' bed, then in the middle of the night he started to walk around. We all just looked at him for a while and then he fell on Louis and started talking to him like he was one of the teenage girls he had gotten with.'' he last sentence came out of him mouth between laughter and I hid my face with my hands. It wasn't just because of the embarrassment that I didn't want him to say it, it was because I didn't want Elizabeth to know of my past with women. The less she knew about my playerish ways, the better.

''I believe his very words to me were,'' Louis paused and cleared his throat before saying words that made my eyes go wide and forced me to look at Elizabeth, '' 'C'mon babe, it's just one night' and, 'don't worry, I'll love you forever. I promise.' '' The boys all burst out laughing, even Elizabeth giggled.

''You had to be there,'' Liam said as he wiped a tear from his eye.

I threw my napkin onto the table and sighed, glaring at my empty plate standing up, ''I'm done eating.''

I put away my plate in the sink and heard Louis walk into the kitchen, putting his plate in the sink as well and then he turned to look at me. ''we're just messing with you, mate,'' he assured me, patting my back. I sighed and he sat down on the counter, ''plus, I think Elizabeth wasn't really taking any of it seriously. You better hurry and get out there though before Niall steals her out from under you.'' He gave me a wink before jumping down from the counter and walking back to the table. I followed him out and was greeted by the sight of Elizabeth laughing and Niall smiling triumphantly.

''What?'' I asked when she looked at me and laughed even more.

she just shook her head and stood up, taking a few plates with her to the kitchen. I looked at Niall expectantly and he laughed, ''don't worry, I just told her about that one time when that fan mobbed you, saying all those inappropriate things and you just smiled at her. I made you seem as angelic as possible, I promise.''

''Sure you did,'' I mumbled as I walked into the living room and the boys joined me, eager to watch 'Grease' for what? The hundredth time maybe. I heard the sound of running water and realized that Elizabeth wasn't in the room as the movie began. "Elizabeth?'' I called.

''Yes?'' she called back.

''What are you doing?'' I asked.

''I'm washing the dishes,'' she replied. The water cut off and she stood in the doorway of the living room.

''Don't worry about them, I'll do them later,'' I said, motioning for her to join me on the floor.

''But this is my thank you to you,'' she protested.

''But you cooked Dinner,'' I countered, ''and I have candy.'' I held up a Twix bar to emphasize my point and she sighed before coming over to sit next to me.

''Oi, guys, lets do some role playing. Elizabeth, you be Sandy, since I'm the hottest one here I'll be Danny,'' Zayn said with his smile.

''No, Harry should be Danny, he has the voice for it,'' Louis said, ''you can be one of the friends.''

''Guys,'' Elizabeth interrupted our argument, ''I cant sing.''

''Sure you can,'' I assured her.

''No, I cant, I sound like a dying squirrel, who's on drug, while drowning,'' she said, emphasizing every word.

I looked at the screen, it was nearing the part where they started singing and I grabbed her hand, ''you cant be that bad, come on, just try it out.'' She looked at me uncertainly as Zayn turned on the subtitles so that we could sing along. Niall sat down on her other side, preparing to be one of the T-Birds (Danny's friends) when he needed to. She looked at the screen, but I didn't bother to let go of her hand. The first song came on and the boys sang along, messing around with there voices to make Elizabeth laugh. We waited for Summer Nights to come on and when it did I sang my first line, ''summer lovin' had me a blast.''

Her eyes flicked towards me before looking at the screen to double check the words, ''summer lovin' happened so fast.'' She was wrong, she didn't sound like a dying squirrel, if anything she sounded like an angel.

''I met a girl, crazy for me,'' I continued, stuttering slightly as I replayed her voice in my head.

''met a boy, cute as can be,'' her cheeks reddened and I smiled as we continued the song with the next few lines. the boys joined in, singing the men part and then Niall used his extra squeaky voice to sing Sandy's friends part. We carried on with the dramatized re-telling of the first meeting of Sandy and Danny until it got to the line:

''She was good, you know what I mean,'' and my cheeks turned a deep red as I sang the lines. As the song finished Elizabeth sighed and I couldn't forget the sound of her voice, secretly waiting for the next time Sandy sang. After every song she sang I sighed, relishing the fact that I had gotten her to agree to sing, and smiling when I realized I was still holding her hand. Halfway through the movie though, it slipped out of mine and I looked over at her. Her head was on Niall's shoulder and her eyes were closed. I guessed she had just fallen asleep because Niall looked at her quizzically before nodding his head and looking back at the screen and putting an arm around her. I scowled at him and he looked at me.

''Sorry, mate, she just sort of fell on me,'' he told me with a 'I'm sorry' look on his face. I shrugged my shoulders but I couldn't help the sinking feeling that I got from the sight of her head on his shoulder. The feeling grew worse when she shifted slightly and clutched his shirt. ''Wow, Harry, you might need to watch out, that was adorable, I might just have to fight you for her,'' he joked. I glared at him and turned back towards the TV. I didn't exactly know why but that comment left a bitter taste in my mouth and the jealousy that resided in the pit of my stomach bubbled furiously. Why couldn't she have fallen asleep on my shoulder? I brooded to myself as the movie stretched on and soon tiredness made my eyelids to heavy to keep open.


Hope you enjoyed, next part will be up soon. until next time:


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