Ditched (A Harry Styles FanFic)

"As long as you keep trying to make things better, you'll be on the right track.''
''What if I mess up?"
"Then you start again."
"Will you be with me if I mess up?"
"I'll always be here."
Elizabeth was an average 19-year old that was on a cross country trip through Europe with her best friend Carson. Until Carson ditched her with purely innocent motives. Now, as Elizabeth is on her own in the United Kingdom she meets five boys. Due to her lack of musical knowledge, she doesn't recognize them as One Direction, but is eager to welcome them as friends no matter who or what they are. Harry is awestruck by Elizabeth and her personality and soon begins to fancy her. Elizabeth isn't the type of girls he's used to however, and when he does something that might bring back bad memories, will they be able to pull through for the better?


10. Chat With Mum

***Harry's P.O.V.***

I looked at Elizabeth's small figure in my hoodie and couldn't help but laugh. I was easily six inched taller than her meaning that I had a clear view of her eyes even though she was wearing my Ray Ban sunglasses. She looked up at me, her baby blue eyes searing into mine, an adorable glare set onto her face. ''what are you laughing about?'' she questioned me skeptically.

I cleared my throat quickly and tried not to focus on the fact that she was wearing my clothes. Paparazzi is going to have a field day with this. ''Nothing,'' I answered her finally.

She rolled her eyes at me and then nodded at the door of the dressing room, ''are we going now?'' The hood of my hoodie fell off of her head again and I brought it back up.

''Yeah, hold my hand and we'll go out,'' I said as I extended my hand to her. Paparazzi can be rough and I wouldn't want one of them to hurt her or pull her away from me. I should have thought ahead and called Paul, its bad enough that management will flip when they see the pictures of us all over magazines and newspapers in the next few days.

She cocked her head at me and looked quizzically at my hand, ''what about your crush?''

My cheeks heated up and I laughed nervously, ''I really doubt she'd notice.''

''Well in that case,'' she mumbled as she took my hand and I opened up the door to the dressing room. As soon as we stepped out of the dressing room area there were flashes of light. I looked back at Elizabeth to see that she was smiling at all the cameras, even as she kept enough of her face hidden so that no one would recognize her. ''These people are so nice, what were you-,'' her words were interrupted by her being yanked to the side by one of the many picture takers.

I glared at the person and mouthed a 'back off' as I pulled Elizabeth back towards me. ''Still think they're nice?'' I asked her. She clenched my shirt in her hands and I smiled, pushing my way to the register where I paid for the shirt. We walked until we reached my car and I followed her to the passenger's seat, locking the doors after she was in so that none of the paparazzi would try to open the car. Quickly, I hoped into the driver's side and honked the horn when they didn't move. Soon the crowd of flashing cameras parted and I was able to pull out of the parking lot.

''That was crazy,'' she breathed as she sat back in her seat with a sigh.

''You should see the fans,'' I replied with somewhat of a smirk even though I was fairly agitated.

She gave me a look of 'seriously?' and laid her head back again, ''why anyone would want to be famous is beyond me.''

I chuckled and paid attention to the road as I drove. ''I'm sorry we couldn't find you some shorts.''

''Don't worry about it, I'll just wear one of my pairs of shorts, their not too long,'' she assured me. After a short silence there was a ringing and Elizabeth pulled her phone out of her pocket. ''Mom?'' she asked in surprise, ''I thought you said you would call me later tonight, isn't dad-.'' She was cut off by a lot of jumbled words that I couldn't understand and then she pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. ''Mom, calm down, you're slurring your words,'' Elizabeth sighed, ''what's wrong?'' she turned up the volume on her phone and I could hear the voice on the other end clearly now.

''Where are you?'' who I guessed was her mother asked on the other end.

''London?'' Elizabeth answered but it came out as more of a question as her nose scrunched in anticipation for a rant.

''Why are you still in London?! I thought you'd be with your brother in Paris right now!" her mother fretted.

''I am supposed to be in Paris, but that's a long story that I'll have to tell you later-'' Elizabeth started.

''Well, at least tell me why there are pictures of you and some boy all over the internet?'' her mother added resignedly.

Elizabeth's eyes went wide and I struggled not to swerve as I heard the words. People knew already? I glanced at her one more time before concentrating back on the road. ''How do you know it's me?'' Elizabeth asked.

''A mother can tell the face of her daughter from a mile away,'' her mother replied.

''Oh,'' Elizabeth said simply.

''Yes, oh; who is he?'' her mother questioned.

Elizabeth looked at me and pressed the speaker button as I nodded my allowance and said, ''hello, ma'am.''

''Is this him?'' her mother asked.

''Yes, Mom, this is Harry,'' Elizabeth confirmed.

''It's nice to talk to you ma'am,'' I said politely.

''Harry, dear, you sound extremely nice,'' she replied sweetly before her tone turned fierce and I guessed it was directed towards Elizabeth, ''Where is Carson, and why are you with a boy?''

''Carson's in Paris, and he's my friend Mom,'' Elizabeth answered.

''I don't care if he's the pastor's son, why are you with him?''

I couldn't help but sense Elizabeth's uneasiness at her mother's comment and I stepped up when I could tell she wasn't going to answer. ''She needed a place to stay that was safer than her hotel, and she's not alone with me so don't worry. I would never dream of hurting your daughter ma'am, I'm just a friend trying to help out.''

''Harry, would you mind talking to her brother, Alex, about this?''

''Mom,'' Elizabeth groaned, ''we don't need to get Alex into this, you know what he's going to say.''

''It's either that or you go back to your hotel,'' her mother reasoned.

I raised my hand to keep Elizabeth from answering and I gave her a reassuring smile, ''it's fine, I can do it.''

She bit her lip before nodding and relaying my answer to her mother. After she had hung up I couldn't help but notice that she wasn't looking me, a glance at her told me that her jaw was tight and she was focused on the road.

''What was that about?'' I asked her curiously just as I turned into the parking lot of my flat.

''What was what about?'' she wondered.

''The whole attitude after the 'pastor's son' comment,'' I clarified.

''Oh,'' she dragged out the word longer than necessary and her tone showed me that the topic was sensitive, ''it's nothing.''

''C'mon,'' I pushed, though I was treading carefully, ''I'm your best friend, you can tell me anything.''

''What makes us best friends?'' she asked playfully as a smile graced her lips.

''I was stuck in a dressing room with you and you're staying at my house,'' I reasoned, ''has that happened with you and Carson?''

''Well the house thing yeah, but no, we haven't been stuck in a dressing room together,'' she answered truthfully.

''Ha! That seals the deal!'' I declared. She laughed in response and I turned my expression into a no-nonsense expression. ''You're avoiding the question.''

''He's my ex-boyfriend,'' she confessed.

''Who? The pastor's son?''

''Yeah,'' she replied simply.

''So why don't you like him? Did you two leave on a bad note?'' I questioned as we dispersed from my car and headed towards the door.

''You could say that,'' she responded, ''he cheated on me in a bad time of my life. My mom thinks he's a saint but that's far from the truth.''

I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and hugged her closely, ''I'm sorry to hear that Elizabeth.'' I really was, just hearing about it made my stomach churn and I felt sick. She was sweet, and maybe I was just saying that because I fancied her but I seriously couldn't see how someone could cheat on her.

''Eh, I've come to terms with it, doesn't mean I'm happy about it though,'' she sighed, then she looked up at me, ''thanks, Curly.''

''For what?'' I asked with a grin.

''For everything, you're just the kind of breath of fresh air I need right now, I'm just sorry about what you're going to have to deal with,'' she answered.

I swallowed at her last few words, stopping in front of the front door to my flat, ''what do you mean?''

''My brother,'' she stated after I opened the door to the flat.

''Oh,'' I exhaled.

''Lizzy!'' an Irish accent called as soon as the door opened.

''Niall!'' Elizabeth called back as he hugged her and walked with her into the flat. she turned towards me for a moment and threw her phone to me. ''You might as well get it over with now,'' she told me before joining Niall and Louis in the living room. I bit back my jealousy and walked to a quiet place as the phone rang, calling the contact 'Alex'.


Yay! I know that took forever, but I have good reasons. See you soon! Bye!


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