Are You Jealous?

Danielle Maria Grover, 17, is undecided about her feeling towards her friend Luke Hemmings. It just so happens to be that Luke and the other three who have been asked to go on tour in Europe with world wide famous One Direction. Danielle is asked by Aston, Who is helping her make Luke jealous. Hopefully he Luke realizes that he has feelings for her. There is three problems. Problem number 1, Luke has a girlfriend. Problem number two , Harry have a thing for Dani? Problem 3,Who will get hurt if this lie is taken too far?


11. What We Think About Danielle Maria Grover

*Ashton's Point Of View*

Here I was laying with her in my arms. She was fast asleep. I listened to her breathing as I thought of all the memories we shared. Like, the first time we met. Luke brought her into the studio one day. She had the biggest smile on her face, that's what drew me in. The she started talking about all this cool stuff. Like how she liked dancing, singing, and even MMA. Every word she spoke echoed in my head, her thick Australian accent lingering. Why did she have to be so perfect? Danielle Maria Grover is all I need.


*Harrys point of View*

Danielle would never know the feeling that I had toward her. She was happy with Ashton, who would I be to mess up that happiness. We could of been something , only if I wasn't a pussy and told her. Danielle Maria Grover, I want her but can't have her.


*Luke's Point Of View*

I lied in the dark, staring blankly into the darkness. I lost my best friend because I couldn't  handle him dating a girl I've known since I was 1. I couldn't lie to myself when it came to her. I had feeling towards her but not enough to date her, that's why I am with Hope. Hope was amazing, well most of the time. Hope is all I need. Danielle Maria Grover isn't the one for me.

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