Are You Jealous?

Danielle Maria Grover, 17, is undecided about her feeling towards her friend Luke Hemmings. It just so happens to be that Luke and the other three who have been asked to go on tour in Europe with world wide famous One Direction. Danielle is asked by Aston, Who is helping her make Luke jealous. Hopefully he Luke realizes that he has feelings for her. There is three problems. Problem number 1, Luke has a girlfriend. Problem number two , Harry have a thing for Dani? Problem 3,Who will get hurt if this lie is taken too far?


5. My Bestfriend With My Bestfriend

*Luke's point of view*

When Ash told me he was dating Dani I just couldn't believe it. My best friend with my best friend. They shouldn't be dating at all. Ash needs to focus on the tour and Dani needs to not date someone who is in a band, especially my band. Her dating him wasn't right.

I'm going to tell them I don't want them dating. Dani will listen to me she always listens to me. what if she doesn't? What if Ash is mad? Man, this was going to be harder than I thought.

Hope would help.

I went to her bunk. She was the one closes to the floor so I ducked down. "Babe?"

"What do you want?" She spat.

"I need your help" I tried to sound as innocent as Dani was before but she was better at it than I was.

"Not now" much for her help.


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