Are You Jealous?

Danielle Maria Grover, 17, is undecided about her feeling towards her friend Luke Hemmings. It just so happens to be that Luke and the other three who have been asked to go on tour in Europe with world wide famous One Direction. Danielle is asked by Aston, Who is helping her make Luke jealous. Hopefully he Luke realizes that he has feelings for her. There is three problems. Problem number 1, Luke has a girlfriend. Problem number two , Harry have a thing for Dani? Problem 3,Who will get hurt if this lie is taken too far?


3. Fake Boyfriend???

Being on a bus with this bitch was going to be hard. I was on the couch and all I could imagine since we got on this bus was how I could push her and her fake boobs out the window. Never mind that was impossible, she wouldn't fit, Now I cant make it noticeable that I have a problem with Hope. Someone would definitely find out. I guess I was making it more noticeable than I thought because Ashton came over. " I know." He said "

"Know what?" I gave him a look.

"You like Luke but don't know if you can tell him or not. I know that you totally hate Hope because Luke picked her ,not you." He looked into my eyes , I just couldn't believe he knew everything. "I don't like her either. She's changing him, he's a different person. So I going to help you get your dream man. We are going to pretend we're dating until he realizes what he is missing."

Ashton was a genius! How could I have never thought of that. Wow, Ashton just turned into a badass fake boyfriend and I liked it.

" So how do we start off this relationship?" I asked.

"With this," he kissed me, right in front of Michael and Calum. Those two were so shocked!

Ashton finally pulled away. He got and walked away with the most cheekiest smirk on his face, leaving me on the couch just as shocked as Michael and Calum.

"What was that all about?" Michael asked and Calum nodded agreeing.

I smiled " We're dating."

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