Are You Jealous?

Danielle Maria Grover, 17, is undecided about her feeling towards her friend Luke Hemmings. It just so happens to be that Luke and the other three who have been asked to go on tour in Europe with world wide famous One Direction. Danielle is asked by Aston, Who is helping her make Luke jealous. Hopefully he Luke realizes that he has feelings for her. There is three problems. Problem number 1, Luke has a girlfriend. Problem number two , Harry have a thing for Dani? Problem 3,Who will get hurt if this lie is taken too far?


8. Catching Feelings

*Ashton's Point Of View*

Little did Dani know that loved her. Her smile. Her eyes. Her small nose and the way it scrunched up when she sneezed. And that laugh, oh my god her laugh when someone says a joke . It was perfect, she was perfect and I wanted her to be all mine. That will never happen though, she wants Luke, like every girl.

I couldn't go against Luke because I already knew who she would pick. The only reason I came up with the idea of pretending to go out with Dani was to see what it was like to call her mine. That plan is quickly crumbling because of Luke. He claims that I need to focus on out tour but I can tell her catching feelings for each day.

If life was my way I would have Dani and she would love me just as much as I loved her, maybe even more. We would be the prefect couple. We do everything together, go out to dinner or maybe the fair and if she didn't want to go out we would just stay home and watch movie while cuddling on the couch.

 God, I've fallen for her and there is nothing I can do about it. Lets just hope I am not the one heartbroken after all this.




So I decided that anyone other than Dani was just going to be telling their opinion on everything that happens but Dani would be mainly the one telling the story. Nothing else other than that. I hope you like the story so far! TELL OTHERS ABOUT IT TOO!




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