Are You Jealous?

Danielle Maria Grover, 17, is undecided about her feeling towards her friend Luke Hemmings. It just so happens to be that Luke and the other three who have been asked to go on tour in Europe with world wide famous One Direction. Danielle is asked by Aston, Who is helping her make Luke jealous. Hopefully he Luke realizes that he has feelings for her. There is three problems. Problem number 1, Luke has a girlfriend. Problem number two , Harry have a thing for Dani? Problem 3,Who will get hurt if this lie is taken too far?


9. A Day On The Town

It has been a week since the fight between Ash and Luke. They haven't talked to each other since.

Yesterday after their concert,  we  had a party to celebrate but it was no fun. The two were being stubborn and wouldn't join a talk unless the other was away. That kinda made everything feel weird.


Today, I woke up and the boys had already gone off to sound check. I thought what better thing to do than explore Germany. I didn't want to go alone and their was no one but Hope left so I invited her. We got ready and left the bus to have an adventure.

First thing I wanted to do was go shopping. We stopped at a couple of shops and I finished with a pair of shorts, a crop top, underwear with a matching bra (don't judge they were on sale),  and last a shirt for Ash. I started getting hungry so I asked Hope what she wanted. I was expecting the answer of Starbucks and I would reply with a simple, your an idiot I don't drink my hunger away but surprisingly she said McDonalds. We found the nearest McDonalds and ordered. I ordered chicken nuggets and she ordered a Big Mac. We sat  down, ate, and had small talk.

We were finished and it was about time to go back to the bus. Then I noticed I didn't remember which way we came from. "Do you know which direction to go in?"

" No! We are lost aren't we? Gosh how could you not remember, that is so stupid!" She yelled

I had and idea. I pulled out my phone, I was going to use my GPS. I clicked the button on my battery was died. Great.

"Does your phone work I need to use your GPS." I asked her

"My phone died when we were shopping," She sighed, "we are never going to find the bus.

Now I guessed we have to retrace our steps. We went back to the stores, still getting lost along the way though. Finally, after an hour of walking around and listening to Hope complain we made it back to the bus.

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