A Drop of Hope

Her whole world is lie. She only knew the life of a home slave in a remote country. Katerina was kidnapped as a 2 year old girl and sold into a home. Until one day when she finally reached 17 she forced to leave her life of a slave in the home and started new adventures in a hive (Different type of slavery.) When other slaves challenge her, she sticks up for herself causing her new Master to take a liking of her.
Warning: I got this slave idea from a friend and a book I read from the library! So please don't report or anything I know some other story's similar are probably out there!!


5. Skye, Zoe, and Addy

I changed into a simple dress and legggings and jacket for breakfast. All of the clothes Given were girly, and i was saving my jeans for work. I could probably request for more later, but right now I don't want to push it.


The flats were OK, but i will ask for sneakers along with the jeans. One thing Master will soon learn is of my love for big sweaters.

I got the right directions from Master last night, so today i successfully make it into the dinning hall.

Since i haven't made friends yet were i sit could determine my friends while I'm here for a while. I just have to find the right crowd.

"Kat!" I hear a deep voice call. I turn my head in the general direction to see Master looking at me.

Thank god for that.

I make my way through the crowd over to Master. 'By the way Kat if i were you i would talk to Skye, I think you two would like each other."

"thanks for the tip, Master." I smile at him. "but whose Skye?"

He scans the crowd and points to an brunette curly haired girl. To my liking she was wearing a silver big sweater and leggings.

"Her, i heard from your old home you like big sweaters so i put some in the drawer to the right in your closet."

There was a closet??

"Well i think i will talk to her."

I walk away the wave bye to master on my way over.

"Hey your the new girl right?" A blonde haired girl stops me.

"Uhm, yeah my names Katerina but i go by Kat." I smile politely at her.

"Im Zoey. Nice to meet you!" She seems friendly. "Do wanna come and sit with me and my friends Skye, and Ally?"

Skye that's who i was looking for. "Sure that would be great."

Zoey leads me back over to the table and introduces me to everyone.

"Normally Danna sits with us also, but today she felt sick so she slept in."

Zoey informed me on the whole group.

"So i heard you like sweaters." Skye tells me.

"Yeah, I heard you do as well ." I laugh. The girls seem nice, I'm glad i picked them.



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