A Drop of Hope

Her whole world is lie. She only knew the life of a home slave in a remote country. Katerina was kidnapped as a 2 year old girl and sold into a home. Until one day when she finally reached 17 she forced to leave her life of a slave in the home and started new adventures in a hive (Different type of slavery.) When other slaves challenge her, she sticks up for herself causing her new Master to take a liking of her.
Warning: I got this slave idea from a friend and a book I read from the library! So please don't report or anything I know some other story's similar are probably out there!!


2. Master, Mean Girls, and Librarys

"Katerina?" My Master says as I open the door and slide in next to him. I simply smile and nod. "Yes. This is she"

He looks at me. I turn to look at him and stiffen. His eyes are bright green and harsh looking.

After a long awkward car ride we finally arrive at his mansion. It is huge. I guess this is what a hive looks like.

I slowly enter the big building. It seemed old but very well kept. The other slave girls shot me some mean glances when Master grabbed my hand.

"I'll show you your room." He said softly I nodded and he. Proceeded to drag me down the hall. As we walked we past many rooms. "Wait." I stop and stare into a huge room full of books and art.

"You like this room?" He says a little shocked. "I love it! But i have never read a real book before."

"Can you read?" He asks. I blush a little "Uh yeah my master made me learn." He nods "Oh thats unusual in homes."

"Yeah I know." I i whisper a little.

" I like you." He said out of nowhere. "Thanks."  I replied. We then turned to a white door that had stairs leading down. There was a room with a tv and a couch and chairs to the left. On the right was a door that lead to a laundry room. When we kept walking I saw a beautiful cream painted bedroom. And across from it was a bathroom.

"It's your room, and it leads to the library.Now you can read all the book you want"

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