A Drop of Hope

Her whole world is lie. She only knew the life of a home slave in a remote country. Katerina was kidnapped as a 2 year old girl and sold into a home. Until one day when she finally reached 17 she forced to leave her life of a slave in the home and started new adventures in a hive (Different type of slavery.) When other slaves challenge her, she sticks up for herself causing her new Master to take a liking of her.
Warning: I got this slave idea from a friend and a book I read from the library! So please don't report or anything I know some other story's similar are probably out there!!


1. Katerina, Sayuri, and Fish

I don't really like eating fish. Every time I put any inside me I feel as if I need to barf. And always do. My old masters son always told me I needed to be skinny and would punish me if I got heavier.

In my opinion I am chubby, but I don't mind. Or I at least don't act on it. I want to be a strong person, and having an eating disorder is weak. Fish is just one more weaknesses. So as I sit politely at the table in my friends kitchen, I slowly eat the discussing fish laid in front of me.

My problem is that I'm always trying to make people like me. I can never just do things my way. I used to be good at it. Being in control.

But sadly things change.

"Katerina?" Sayuri asks looking at me nervously. "Sorry, what?" I gaze at her.

"What time is Mister getting you?"

"Uhm..." As if on que, masters car pulls into the drive way and my collar buzzes. "Now!" I smile sweetly and press the button attached to my collar.

"I love you Kat!!" Sayuri whispers. I feel tears brimming in my eyes but I force them back. " bye." I say hugging her tightly, grasping on to any comfort that i can.

After saying goodbye to my old companion I turn to face the new carriage and my new life. My Master is in the backseat. This is the second time I have meet him. The first time however I have seen his face.

Well here goes nothing



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