A Drop of Hope

Her whole world is lie. She only knew the life of a home slave in a remote country. Katerina was kidnapped as a 2 year old girl and sold into a home. Until one day when she finally reached 17 she forced to leave her life of a slave in the home and started new adventures in a hive (Different type of slavery.) When other slaves challenge her, she sticks up for herself causing her new Master to take a liking of her.
Warning: I got this slave idea from a friend and a book I read from the library! So please don't report or anything I know some other story's similar are probably out there!!


3. Alice, Jealosy, and Wrong Directions

As I exited from the library to go to dinner, a girl with short black hair stopped me.

"You like reading?" She asked curiously.

"Uh, yeah." I said peering over her shoulder.

"Oh. None of other slaves do. Only you and Master I guess."

"Oh, I told him I like it and then he put in a room in there."

"WHAT?" She said rudely, the friendly smirk being whipped right off her face. "Oh sorry." She said putting on a fake smile. "Why don't I show you around sometime? The dinning hall is that way." She directed me. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom meet ya there."

"Uh ok?" I respond back a little thrown off by her sudden mood changes

I turned the way she punted and followed the hall as instructed. Why did she get mad when I said that? Does it have to do with why master said he likes me? I've only been here for a day and I'm already confused by someone. I stopped when i realize I'm lost as well. Witch hall did she say? I decide on going straight like I think she said until the hall ends and I have to go right or left. I pick Right because my sister once said always pick right because its the right direction. I didn't even tell  that girl that he said he likes me! What could she have against me. Maybe she just doesn't want master to like me or something. I dawn on that for a second.

That's when I stop dead in my tracks. She gave me. the. WRONG. Directions!!

I turn around and just keep doing my best to get back. Right? Left? Straight?

I'm the world biggest idiot!

I walk for who knows long and them eventually slump down in to the wall.

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