5 Things to Never Say/Do to an Anime Character

Accepting Co-Authors for this. But only if your an otaku. I will stalk your account just to make sure. Also will take requests WARNING: Use of these in front of an anime character may result in severe pain and/or death. Say at your own risk. But if you don't you should be fine! :D


9. Death the Kid from Soul Eater



1. Remind him of the stripes in his hair.


2.Tell him he forgot to do something symmetrical at his house. (For Example; "Yo! KID! you forgot to perfectly fold the toilet paper at your house into triangles." or  "Kid, last time I checked your candles were burning unevenly.")


3.Say your favorite number is odd. "I <3 the number 69".


4. Descried in a very informational amount of detail.... How Liz and Patty's boob's are different cup sizes.


5. Tell him you broke a candle or spike on the DWMA.

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