Don't Stop

Five Seconds of Summer fanfic.
Amy and the guys have been best friends for their whole life. Do feelings grow with in that friendship? Does more feelings come in for another person? Find out what happens ! Xx


8. The New Girl 🙋

The next morning I woke with the sun shinning through my window. I look around and see two arms wrapped around me. I look behind me to find a Ash naked. I looked down at myself and I was butt naked too. I smiled at the memories from last night. I looked at my phone and my phone read one fifteen. I was about to shake him awake but I thought of a better way. I went under the covers and I was right under him and went to his dick. I saw it was already hard. I chuckled to myself. I grabbed his dick and started sucking on it. Moved my head up and down. I swirled my round in his head. I felt the covers thrown off of me. I see Ashton looking down at me smiling. I pick up my head and I start giving him a hand job. "Fuck Amy!" I laughed when he cursed my name. I decided to suck his dick again. Before you know it. He came in my mouth. I looked at him and smiled. "Good morning my love!" He picked me up so I can be next to him. "Good morning Baby! That was the best way to wake me up." I giggled and I gave home the biggest kiss ever. I grabbed one of Ashton's shirt and threw on some shorts. I picked my hair up in a side ponytail. Ash just threw on some sweatpants . He said he didn't feel the need wear the shirt. We both walked down stairs hand in hand to find all the lads sitting around the couch watch spongebob. "Good morn- OH MY GOSH!" Luke scram causing all the guys to look up. Michael laugh and Calum's eyes grew wide. "Crazy night I see." Luke spoke again. My eye grew wide. How did they know? "Huh?" Words finally escaped my lips. "Hickeys all over your bodies and Ashton's" Michael said cracking up. I gasp and used the camera on my phone as a mirror. I had huge ass hickeys all over my neck. I got cut off of my thoughts by Harry. "You one on your inner thighs." I quickly looked down. "Shit..." I muttered to myself. "Hey it happen, don't worry!" Calum said. I rolled my eyes and chucked. "Food anyone?" I asked trying to get off the topic. Everyone agreed on Chinese food. I walked to the kitchen and try to find the take out menus. "Baby, where is the menus?!" "I'll be there in a second baby." I waited for him but I heard all the guys gasp. "You know you're good in bed when your back has scratches in it." Harry said. I can tell he was smirking. All the guys were cracking up. I rolled my eyes and kept on looking for the menu. Ash came and helped me look for it and he finally found it. "Thanks Baby!" I pecked h on the lips and he walked out to go back to the lads. As I was on the phone I walked to the dinning room and sat down to place the order. While I was in hold I heard Michael ask if it was good and I already knew he was talking about the sex. I look at Ashton's face and he smiled and nodded witch caused me to smile. But that smile turned into my jaw dropping Because I heard him say. "Yup and she is a squirter." I grabbed the menu and and ran to him and smacked him with it. Then these people finally took me off hold. Since there was ten of us. I order twenty large cases of chicken lo men. Yup that's right. Twenty. We are all fat asses. Two for each of us. But that's never true. We just order twenty and see how much eat. It's like a never ending food. So we order how many we are times two. I look over and the guys are all giving Ash high fives and cracking up... Everyone expect Luke. He looked mad to me. I got off the phone and walked over to the guys. "Hey" Harry looked at me and winked. "Pig." I stuck out my tongue. I sat next to Ash and Luke. I tapped and asked if he was okay but it wasn't loud enough for anyone else to hear. He said he was okay and I just left it like that Because I didn't want to make him mad. After four episodes of Spongebob the doorbell rang. I jumped up to get the food to a girl holding a food. I greeted with a smile witch she happily returned. But then her got wide. "Oh. My. God. You're Michelle! You're Ashton's girlfriend!" She screamed at me. "Shh, yes hi. Not a lot of fans know we live here. Come in." She stepped in and she dropped the box of food but I caught it some how. Don't ask me how but I caught it! Oh my god ! "You're Five Seconds of Summer and One Direction!" She said much lower than she did when she saw me. She asked for all the guy for a picture and their autographs. So the guys did that with no hesitation. When they were all done she look over at me. "Can I have yours too?" I was taken by surprised. "Me? Really?" As I asked I saw her smile fading. "No, I mean I would be more than happy it just shocked me that your want to since I'm not famous." She smiled again. "You're perfect and you're dating Ashton!" I walked up to her and I found her very pretty. She has long curly light brown hair. Her hair was up to her lower back, just like mine. She had big brown eyes. Her eye makeup made her eyes pop. As I took the paper I saw that by Luke's autograph there was a number. A big smile came across my face. I gave the paper back to her. Liam asked her what her name was she said it was Marisa. I had told her that I have always wanted my name to be that. I walked to put the food in the kitchen and when I came back I saw her and Luke talking. Marisa was very red. As I got closer I heard her say: "I get off in two hours" Luke started to rock back and fourth on his heel. "Maybe you could stop by and we could all hang out. Yeah?" "I would love that. Marisa smiles at him but she looks like she is about to pass out. "Cool, I'll see you later then." Luke trying to play it cool. She hugged all of us bye and when she walked up to her car we heard her scream really loud. We just laughed. "Alright, who's ready to find out who can eat the most food?" Niall asked rubbing his hands together.

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