Don't Stop

Five Seconds of Summer fanfic.
Amy and the guys have been best friends for their whole life. Do feelings grow with in that friendship? Does more feelings come in for another person? Find out what happens ! Xx


9. Gotta' Love The Guys 💕

"DONE!" Niall yelled. We all looked up at him. He finished both of his containers of food. I haven't even finished my first one. All the guys groaned. " I thought I was going to win this time." Calum pouted. I loved when Calum pouted Because he looked so cute. "Awe, it's okay Cal. Maybe next time?" I wrapped my arms around his neck. He playfully pushed me off and and continued to pout.

Zayn's phone went off. "Damn." He said under his breath. "Lads, we have to go take care of some band things." We all got up and said our good byes. "I'm going to get out of these sweat pants. I'm starting to feel sick." I have this thing that if I stay in my pajamas for to long I feel sick. I dont know it's weird. The guys always make fun of me. "Okay you weirdo!" Michael yelled as I was half way up the stairs. "FUCK YOU!" I yelled back. I changed into black leggings and a white tank top that says "Pugs Not Drugs." It had a cute little pug in the middle. It's Luke's shirt. He doesn't know I took it from him the other day. But he shouldn't feel bad. I have Calum's shirt in my room too. I have like at least ten. I quickly ironed my hair. I put my black combat boots. I walked over to my window and opened it. "So much better. I said proudly to myself. Just as I was about to walk out to join the boys Ashton walked in.

"Baby!" I chirped! He had a serious expression on his face. "Baby what's-" he cut me off my tackling me on my bed. "You're so fucking sexy." She whispered in my hear followed by a kiss. I've never seen this side of Ashton. He was always so sweet and innocent. Which I love more than anything. But this side.. This side turns me on. Ashton interrupted my thoughts by grinding his hips which caused me to let out a moan. "Fuck Ash." I said. His tongue slid in my bottom lip asking permission to come in. I let his tongue explore my mouth. After ten minutes of Ashton teasing me we heard the guys call us down Because Marisa was here. I fixed my hair and walked down stairs with Ashton.

"HEY MY SHIRT!" Luke yelled at me. I laughed. "Yes. I've had for three days." He rolled his eyes and opened the door. "Hey!" Luke greeted Marisa with a smile and a hug. I could tell she was nervous to be around the guys. I mean, who wouldn't? They are Five Seconds of Summer! She greeted everyone and saved me for last. "Oh my god! That's Luke's shirt!" She whispered in my ear. "Yeah, I took it from him the other day." I responded in a laugh. She let me go and say down with Luke and Ashton. There wasn't a spot for me to sit so I just sat on the floor. But Ashton picked me up and say me in his lap. "You have your own personal seat as long as I'm with you." He said in my ear followed by a love bit on my earlobe. I smiled. I just can't believe I'm dating Ashton. I'm in love with the fact that we are dating. I was drawn from my thoughts by Luke. He was taking to Melissa about how Cal and him are throwing a party in two days. Luke and Calum throw crazy parties. I love them. Marisa said she would come. Luke's face lit up with excitement.

The day turned into night before you know it. We all basically got to know Marisa. Like how her nick name was Mari. Her favorite color is blue, she is an only child, she lives with her mom. They are very close. She drives a red civic. Last but not least, she is a Luke girl! I'm pretty sure Luke is a fan of her himself. "Well today was fun. I have to go. My mom is going to be worried. It was great to hang out with you guys. I'll see you in two days!" She squeaks at us. We all hug her goodbye and she left shortly after Luke walked Mari to her car and have her a long hug. "Well I'm out for the night." I said as I stood up. "That means I'm out too." Ashton chuckled. Michael laughed and patted him on his back. "Night bro."

Ash and I got to my bedroom. "Hey Calum was pretty to himself today don't you think?" I asked tossing the decorated pillows in the bin in front of my bed that opens and closes. "He is just having a bad day maybe?" "I guess." I sighed. I wonder what was up with him. "Babe?" I called low. "Yes?" "Sing to me?" Even I. The dark I can see Ashton smiling down at me. "What song?" He asked. "Beside you." He started to sing while I rest my head on his chest and have my arms around his torso. Ash's arms are placed on my back. I couldn't even get to the second verse of the song. His voice is so soothing.

A/N: Heeey Guys ! I hope you liked the chapter ! I worked hard on it ! Massive thank you and big love to everyone who reads this ! 💕😘💋

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