Don't Stop

Five Seconds of Summer fanfic.
Amy and the guys have been best friends for their whole life. Do feelings grow with in that friendship? Does more feelings come in for another person? Find out what happens ! Xx


7. Dinner, Dessert, Dessert.😏

The boys and I spent the of the day watching Disney Movies. I looked at my phone. "Guys... It's eight. We have watched movies all days!" I said sitting up. "Let's go eat!" Michael yelled from the couch across from me and Ashton. "Guys how about we invite The '1D' guys? We haven't told them the news yet." Ashton asked all of us. We all agreed. We wanted to go somewhere fancy. I wore a light pink dress that was strapless, and was tight up until my waist then the end was puffy at the end. I ironed my long blonde hair. I clipped back my bangs down the middle. I put on my black heels. I walk up to my my full body mirror and look at myself. I was happy with my outfit. I smiled at myself and twirled around. "Knock knock" I see Ashton peeking through my door. "Hey baby!" I chirped. He walks up and puts his hand on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Well look at my beautiful girlfriend!" He said. I look at him and he was wearing black dress pants and a white button up shirt with a light pink tie to match my dress. "I had a good feeling you would wear pink." He smirked looking down at me. Even in my tallest heels, Ashton's still taller than me! "Well you don't look to bad yourself Mr Irwin. You know me so well." I went on my tippy toes and gave him a long kiss. "Now come on before we are late." I said grabbing his hand, but he yanked me back and I tumbled back into his arms. "I think the guys can wait two minutes. Besides I think this will be better." He smirked at me and leaned in. I backed up and smiled at him. "Maybe if you're lucky you will more than one dessert." I winked at Ashton but he started pouring at me. I laughed, he looked so precious! I walked down stairs with Ash, all the guys looked handsome. "Finally! Now we can go eat!" Calum barked at us. "Well then..." I mutter under my breath. "The guys are going to meet us at the restaurant." Luke informed at we get into the car. "Amy?" Michael turned to me before getting in the driver's seat. "Yeah?" "Do you know how to get to the restaurant? Because I don't" I nodded and Mikey tossed me the car keys. I love this car so much. I hoped into the black Hummer. Ashton joined me in the passenger seat. I pulled up the restaurant. There was a big sign that read 'The Cheesecake Factory' I loved this place. I park super close Because I can't walk to much in these heels Because that is punishment to my feet. "Are the boys here yet!" I asked getting out of the car. "Harry said they are sitting down already." Luke answered me. "So they are here?" Calum asked staring at Luke. We all stayed quiet. Then bursted into laughter. "I'm ignoring you!" Luke said trying not to laugh. We walk into the restaurant. "Hi do you have reservations?" The host asked. "Yeah it's under Irwin." The girl smiled at Ashton. "Right this way, your friends are waiting." She winked at Ash. I glared at her. "Hey Babe, I can't till we leave we could have some fun." I whispered in his ear loud enough so the host can hear me. She turned and looked at me and then rolled her eyes. "Problem?" "No, just looking at a slut." She said look at me and smiling. "Says the one who was so badly attempting to flirt with my boyfriend." I spat. In the back of me you hear laughing and "oooo's" I chuckled at myself. "I'm going to save you the trouble and let you walk away now while you can." I smiled . "Listen bitch I will fuck you up." I got really close to to her face. "I might be in a dress and heels but I can whoop some ass. Don't underestimate me. Got it? Now get the fuck away from my friends and I." The girl walked off pissed. All the guys cheered and hugged me. Ashton snaked his arm around my waist and whispers in my ear "I like my girls feisty." He bit my ear a little. "You should see me in bed." I winked. We finally found found the guys. The guys stood up and greeted us. We order our drinks. Calum tells the other guys what happen with the Host and I. We all laughed, so finally the laughter died out. It was the perfect time to say it. "So guys... Ash and I have some new to tell you!" Ashton grabs my hand. I looked down and smiled. "Amy and I are dating!" All of their jaws dropped. "We though that was a rumor!" Liam said. We nodded. "Congrats man!" Harry said while giving Ash those man handshake things. Our drinks came just in time. "To Ash and Amy" "Cheers!" Our waiter came and asked us for our orders. I was craving a burger. So I order a bacon burger. Ashton, and Calum order a mushroom burger. The rest of the guys order pasta. I hate pasta. Our table was filled with conversation and laugher. We haven't seen these guys for a while so it was nice to catch up with them. The food was really good. But I was really exited for the cheesecake! I order a white chocolate cheesecake. "Wow that look amazing Babe!" I looked at him with my mouth filled with the cake. "Try some!" I got a spoonful and fed it him. We all finished. "How about you guys come with us!" Michael said with excitement. They all agreed. When the checked came I pulled out my wallet. But Ashton and I were fighting about who is going to pay for me...He won. I wasn't complaining, it was really sweet. We all got into the car, once again I drove. The guys followed us back home. The drive back home wasn't long. I ran up stairs and when to change into Ashton's shirt and sweatpants. I go down to the living room and see all the playing FIFA. I sat down and joined them. After two hours of playing. "It's three in the morning. I'm going to bed. Goodnight!" I say to all the guys. I grabbed Ashton's hand and led him upstairs. And I pushed him on my bed. We both smirked at each other. I straddled him and I kissed him, he licked my bottom lip, I let him in. The kiss got deeper and more heated. I started grinding my hips. Ashton started moaning in my mouth. I can't blame him. It felt amazing. Ashton's hand moved to my bum, he squeezed it. "That's it. I don't care if it been two days. I want you." He looked at me. "Amy... Are you sure? I know this will be your first time... I-" "Babe, I want you to be my first time." I smiled. He smiled back kissed me. I started kissing his jawline then down to his neck. I took of my shirt. I watched his eyes grow big. I chuckled at him. He started playing with my boobs. I moaned at the pleasure. I took off his shirt and he flipped me over so now he is on top of me. He slid my sweatpants off. He moved down so his head was by my head. He spread my legs. He look down and pushed my underwear to the side. Ashton looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back. He started to lick my clit. I started to moan slightly. He picked up the pace. "Oh god" I say under my breath. Then before I knew it his fingers with in me. He started pumping. I got a little louder. As he was fingering me, he leaned over me and kissed my neck and started sucking my neck. "Ash!" He looked over at me. "Yes baby?" "I want you" Ashton sat up. I reach over to my nightstand and opened the drawer. I pulled out a condom and gave it to Ash. He rolled it on pretty fast. I felt his length at my entrance. "I'm going to go slow Baby, tell me if it hurts." I nodded. He started going in. When he was fully in he pulled out and started pumping. I gasped at the pain but then it was filled with pleasure. I was screaming Ashton's name and he was screaming mine. I put my hand on his back. "Babe... I-I-I'm going to cum" I say. "Come for me Baby." Ashton says between thrust. Before you knew we both cummed at the same time. He fell next to me. "Well, did you like your second dessert?"I winked at him. He rolled over and stared cuddling with me. "I loved it." He whispers in my ear. Then we fell asleep.

A/N: Hey Guys! I hope you like the chapter. Thanks for reading ! Tell me what you think !

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