Don't Stop

Five Seconds of Summer fanfic.
Amy and the guys have been best friends for their whole life. Do feelings grow with in that friendship? Does more feelings come in for another person? Find out what happens ! Xx


6. A Morning with the Boys🔆

The next morning I woke up wrapped in Ashton's arm. I look up and smiled at him. "Good morning beautiful." His raspy voice make me so happy. "Good morning my love!" I kissed him and reached for my phone. I looked at my twitter and my timeline was blown up with the video and pictures of Ashton asking me out. I grew a big smile on my face. That was such a happy moment. I saved one of the videos on my phone and a few pictures. I hate to be so cocky but... We are cute! I rolled out of bed and threw on some sweat pants. "If you want I can make breakfast for all of us!" Ashton looked at me and smiled. "Sure Babe! But first..." He picked me up and gave me a long kiss. I went down stairs to start cooking. I made scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, and sausage. It all looked very good. I placed everything on the table. I put plates down with forks, knifes, and cups. I took out the apple and orange juice. The table look so nice and pretty. I took a deep breath being happy with myself. I ran up stairs to my room to find Ashton sleeping. I sighed. "Babe." No answer I tried again. "Baby!" He didn't move an inch. I crawled on top of him. I started kissing his neck and I kissing his bare chest. He finally woke up. "Well this is a nice way to wake up." He smirked at me. He grabbed me and brought up to him face to face. He gave me another long kiss. I smiled at him. "Are all of our kisses going me be this long?" "Yup!" He answered me popping the "P" I chuckled. "Good, Because I love it. Now come breakfast!" He got up and went down stairs. I walked into Luke's room. "Wake up!" I chirped as loud as I could. Luke's eye shot open. "No." He turned over. "God dammit!" I said under my breath. I walk up to his bed and grabbed his ear. "Listen here little boy. I made food for all of us so dale let's go!" I yanked his ear and started walking out with him. "AMY!" I stopped walking and looked at him. "Can I please put pants on?!" I smiled Because I didn't notice he was in his underwear only. I let him go. "Hurry!" I walked over to Calum's room. "Two down two to go." I took a deep breath and walked in. "Hey Cal, wake up." He groaned. "Cal!" He groaned again. "I'm going to hurt you if you don't wake up!" He turned over to me. "Yeah? Try me." I lifted my eyebrow. I walked over to his bed and I pinched his sides. "OW OW OW OW OW" he yelled as he was getting out of bed. "Fine you win!" Calum put his arms up in defeat. Last one. Mikey. This won't be hard. I opened his door. "Mikey food!" He jumped up. "I'm up! I'm up!" I laughed. I ran down stairs and say next to Ash and Cal. I grabbed my pancakes, bacon and sausage. "I still can't believe you don't eat eggs." Luke said grabbing the plate of eggs. "Yeah you're so weird." Calum said poking me. I smacked his arm and grabbed my napkin crumbling it in a ball and pegging it at Luke. Calum started fake crying. "You monster!" He yelled then plopped his head on the table. We all laughed at him. We all finished eating. "We have the day off, want to watch a movie?" Ashton asked. "Sure! What movie?" "Can we watch Finding Nemo?!" I laughed and I dragged him to the couch with the other boys and we watched Finding Nemo.

A/N: Heeey guys ! I hope you liked the chapter! I really worked hard on these. Tell me what you think about it so far. I can't for the story to pick up! Byeeee! Xx

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