Until The End

After the Kira case is closed and the Yotsuba company is to blame for all of the deaths, L vanishes. Completely. Light is left to wonder where he went and why he left, but then, a certain detective shows up in need of his help in stopping a virus that could destroy all of humanity.


4. The first night

L stood in silence and stared at the elderly man. His mind was reeling and, for the first time in a very long time, he didn't know what to do or how to react. His thumb went directly to his lips and he stared at the floor blankly. The silence in the room was intense yet calming at the same time. L fell deeper into thought but just as he was about to be completely engrossed in the questions playing though his mind, Watari cleared his throat and it startled him out of his thoughts.

"I know this is very... odd news to hear, especially under our certain circumstances, but I assumed it would be best to break the secret I've withheld for some time now, and tell you, just in case something... tragic were to happen to you or I."

The old man finished with a sorrowful look spread across his wrinkled and aged face.

"Why didn't you tell me that I had some form of a family? Why didn't you tell me about Asura sooner? What has been going on that you haven't told me about?"

L had many more questions to ask the elder, but they would have to wait.

"Asura doesn't know I'm associated with you; She just believes I work for the Whammy House as one of the assistants to the owner or something of the sort. If I told her about you being L, it would blow your cover and cause major problems. She has been searching for you for about a year or so now, and has asked me to help her with her search. I agreed, seeing that, in the future, it would be good for you to have family relations and such. I don't help her much, but when she needs information I gather about half of what she asks for and take it to her or send it to her. I only send her bits and pieces, some of which has been slightly altered, but it keeps her from gaining too much information." Watari paused for a moment as he tried to find the right words to say

"You work much too hard on your cases, you rarely ever take a break, and its usually forced. I didn't want to tell you about Asura and I working together to find you because it might've upset you or you could've put up barriers around yourself to keep her away. You rarely have any social interaction and you usually try to rid yourself of it. I was afraid that you wouldn't even give her a chance to get to know you or vice versa. She is very independent and she wants to do as much of this on her own as she can, so try your best to not interfere or tell her anything about you, who you really are, or anything of the sort. She could easily put two and two together and that could cause problems. L, you've both had a very hard life, and I think you both really need this. She needs the accomplishment of finding her last family member to put her mind at ease and in a better state, and you need her company and the feeling of actual family relations."

L watched the man in disbelief and then began to pace while trying to process the information. He was slightly troubled by this issue that has arisen and he wasn't quite sure how to address it, seeing as he has never been in a situation like this before.

"She's very much like you, you know. She's very intelligent, though she chooses to act silly and weird most of the time, and she's very independent. She doesn't like to work with others for very long, if at all. I will never understand why you have chosen to work with Mr. Yagami for so long, you've never stayed around anyone for very long, besides myself of course, and it surprises me that you seem to enjoy his company." Watari finished with a furrowed brow.

L knew why he decided to be around Light, but he also knew that he could never tell Watari that reason. Watari would most likely become very angry with him for developing feelings for the brunette. L pondered what the man had said to him and he knew that he should keep Asura a secret from Light. If Light found out that Asura was his sister it could cause Light to avoid him and Asura both, and the last thing he wanted was for his brunette to be out of his life once again.

'Wait? My brunette? Light-kun isn't mine. Why would I think such a thing? Maybe I need to get some rest, that would help I suppose.' L thought to himself

"L, why don't you go back to where you are staying and get some rest and eat something; you've had a very hard day and you need to rest. We can discuss this matter more later, if not tomorrow." Watari said soothingly, as he saw the troubled expression L wore. "We need to figure out what to do about Them and how to get out of here, but we cant do that if you are fatigued."

L didn't reply, he only nodded in agreement and turned to leave. He opened the door to the tiny room and began to make his way towards the main exit. His mind was so clouded with thought that he didn't even realize that he was outside until a rush a air hit him causing his hair to ruffle in the breeze. It had grown fairly dark out but everything was still fairly visible but that wouldn't be so within the next hour. He began to walk towards the home he shared with Light, his mind still deep in thought, until he noticed an orchard to his right that was filled with several types of fruit, and he decided to pick some apples if they were present. He walked into the tightly packed area and began to look for the bright red fruit that he sought for. He walked through the trees, spotting many types of fruits, such as apples, peaches, pears, and several others.

After picking several bright red apples, he began to continue through the orchard. He walked for what seemed like an hour but was actually just a few minutes. He spotted a few small bushes that seemed to have berries on them. As he neared them, he noticed that many of the berries were gone from the blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry bushes. He then just shrugged and began to make his way back to his new home. He climbed the stairs of the home then walked though the door without making a sound. L began to walk towards the kitchen, but stopped when Light emerged from said room. As he approached L, all the raven could do was stare. Lights hair was still wet from the shower he had taken and since it was quite warm in their home, Light had taken the liberty to pass on wearing a shirt and only wore boxers. L stood before Light emotionless, though in his mind he was cursing at Light for not wearing proper clothing. It was hard enough for him to not think about the brunette and this definitely wasn't helping. Light had approached L to the point so that they were only a few feet apart, he had a slight smirk to his face and it made L wonder just what he was up to.

"Where did you get the apples?" Light asked

"From the orchard, obviously."

"Hm." Light looked at the apples as if his mind was clouded by deep thought for a moment, though the smirk was still present upon his face.

"Its too bad you have those," the brunette began "I just made some sweets. But, I guess you'll be too full to eat them after you eat those."

Light finished with a nod of his head towards the apples. L's eyes widened at the mentioning of sweets and he quickly made his way for the kitchen without even giving a backwards glance towards Light. Light laughed to himself slightly at the ravens strange actions, then began to make his way towards the kitchen as well. As he entered the kitchen, he realized that L had placed the already forgotten apples on the counter and had already consumed four of the eight sweets he had made. They weren't anything overly special, just some kind of berry tart that his mom showed him how to make when he was a small child. He was surprised that he remembered how to make them, but when he saw the berry bushes outside, he knew that he should attempt to make some for L. He watched as L consumed the last of the tarts, only to look sadly upon the tray the tarts were recently resting upon. L turned to face Light with a smile on his face, it was subtle, but those who knew the raven well would be able to tell that it was there.

L walked towards the doorway of the kitchen with his head down slightly, still pouting from the lack of sweets, and paused. He turned back towards Light and approached the slightly taller man. L quickly wrapped his arms around Light and pulled him into an embrace. The action startled Light greatly but he slowly returned the hug, burying his face in the ravens messy hair.

"Thank you for the sweets, Light-kun" L said, still wrapped in Lights arms.

"You're welcome, L"

L pulled himself from Lights embrace and began to make his way for the doorway once more, trying to hide the blush upon his face. He casually took his shirt off and flung it over his shoulder, the raised his arms above his head a stretched. The house had grown quite warm and his shirt wasn't helping at all. Light watched L as he removed his shirt, and he couldn't help but notice how fit L actually was. Underneath the baggy white shirt and jeans he always wore, you would think he were malnutritioned or extremely unfit, but his six-pack told Light other wise. It made him wonder if he still played tennis, even though he wasn't around to play with him. L finished stretching and he turned back towards Light.

"Raito, I'm going to go take a shower and then try to figure out how we are going to solve this problem that has arisen. I suggest you get some sleep, we are going to have a long day tomorrow."

"Oh, no. You're going to bed, too. You need to sleep as well, L." Light retorted

L hated arguing with Light, but sometimes, he didn't mind letting the brunette get his way. Only sometimes though. Light always made him get a lot of rest during the Kira investigation, mostly because they were handcuffed together and Light hated going without sleep, but also he saw that L needed rest like a normal human being. L pondered the idea for a moment, considering the pros and cons of going to sleep, and decided to let Light win.

"Okay, fine. I'll go take a shower and then go to bed." L said with a wave of his hand as he made his way towards the stairs.

Light followed him until they were both standing in front of the two doors.

"Light, may I ask where the other bedroom is?" L asked, getting the answer he was secretly hoping for

"There isn't another bedroom, but that's okay, I don't mind sharing." Light said casually as he shrugged and made his way for the bedroom.

L nodded in response then he entered the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He tossed his dirty shirt on the floor, then proceeded to do the same with his pants. He then turned on the shower and made the water as hot as possible, He needed to feel the scalding water upon himself to help drown out the thought of Light for a bit. He stepped into the shower and let the hot blissfulness take him over.

Light walked over to the left side of the bed and crawled under the sheets. He was so tired from today and his body ached from an accident at work that happened a few days before he found L again. L. Why was that insane detective always on his mind? He knew he had feelings for L, but he was beginning to wonder if those feelings were stronger than he originally thought. His mind replayed the coffee shop scene over and over, as if he were stuck in time, being forced to live through a Deja Vu like trance. He buried his face in his pillow, in hopes to drown the thoughts out. He knew that L had once had feelings for him, and he knew that those feelings must still be there somewhat, or else the raven wouldn't have kissed him. Light wasn't quite sure what L thought of him. L had shown and stated that he had feelings for Light, but that could just be caused from lack of attention from a significant other, and Light didn't want to be used, even if it wasn't intentional. He shouldn't let himself fall for L, he cant. He should've never his him back or kissed him in the hotel room; he shouldn't have let his mind get the better of him. Or should he?

He shook his head slightly, trying to clear his mind of thoughts, if only for a short second. Light wasn't sure on how to handle the situation, especially under their current circumstances. The Infected. The guts, the limbs barely attached to their bodies, the rotting flesh, the puss, the smell, the noises they made, the thought of once living people ripping the flesh off of another still living person and they screamed and flailed in a futile attempt to save what is left of their dying body. All of those sickening thoughts filled his mind once more, causing him to become nauseated. 'What were those things anyways? Yeah, they are human, or at least they used to be, but what are they now? Could they be saved? Or were they too far gone?' Light had too many questions and they were all unanswered; that bothered him greatly. what about his parents and sister? Are they okay? Do they know of the awful things going on here? Are they living in oblivious blissfulness? Or have they become one of... Them?' The thought of his family becoming anything like Them caused Light to want to scream out and cry. He hated the thought, but he couldn't get it to stop tormenting his mind.

"What are we going to do?" Light whispered to himself.

He heard the shower switch off and he pulled his face out of his pillow and resumed lying normally once again. L left the bathroom and made his way over to the shared bedroom, and quietly made his way inside in an attempt to not wake Light. Light sat up and looked at L, his hair was still wet and all he wore was a pair a boxers. L looked at Light and Light just shrugged and returned to a more comfortable position by laying on his side. He felt L crawl under the sheets and ball up into a fetal position, facing him, and eventually fall into a deep sleep. After a short while, L stirred in his sleep, causing Light to wake as well. L wrapped his arms around Light, and buried his face in Lights chest. Instead of pushing L away, like in conscience told him to, Light wrapped his arms around L and pulled him close, burying his face in the smaller mans hair once more, and falling back into a deep sleep.

He could let himself fall for the beautiful raven just a little, couldn't he?

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