Until The End

After the Kira case is closed and the Yotsuba company is to blame for all of the deaths, L vanishes. Completely. Light is left to wonder where he went and why he left, but then, a certain detective shows up in need of his help in stopping a virus that could destroy all of humanity.


3. Safe haven

Everything slowed down in the moment that Brent told them that the Infected had infiltrated the compound. It felt as if they were living the moment in another reality that should've never even existed. They each heard the words that the horrified man uttered but hey all wished that they hadn't. The banging on the door continued and L knew the door wouldn't last much longer, no matter how much they wished it would.

"We need to go to the lowest floor. Now!" L yelled, desperately trying to grasp their attention.

Light turned to see the door beginning to give way under the pressure of the Infected. He turned back to Laura whom was trying to snap Brent out of his unconscious state.

"Laura, I'll help you with Brent. We need to move, now!" Light yelled at the woman

She turned to him and nodded in agreement, then grabbed Brent by his right arm. Light walked up to the opposite side of the man and grabbed his other arm and began to pull him to his feet. The slowly made their way towards the stairs and down them with and seemly calm L following closely behind them. As the came close to the first set of doors, They heard the door give way, and Infected poured into the safe house, desperately trying to get to them. They limped towards them while creating noises that sent shivers down Lights spine.

They rushed down the stairs and L and Light both grabbed at the handles of the double set of doors that looked as if they could withstand much more than a few Infected. Light and L began to pull on each door with all of their strength, trying to close them before the Infected reached them. The Infected began to close in on them and were almost within arms reach of both L and Light, even though their doors weren't closed yet. Light began to panic and he knew L was worried too. An Infected reached out and grabbed at Light but he quickly punched it in the face, causing it to fall backward and trip a few other Infected. Light went back to closing his door when he felt someone else helping him. It was L. The small man had finally gotten his door closed while Light punched the zombie like creature and went to help him.

When the door closed, it caused both of them to stumble and fall on top of each another. Light and L both groaned slightly as they raised up, but when they opened their eyes, they realized that Light had landed directly on top of L, putting them both in a very awkward position.

"S-Sorry Ryuzaki!" Light stammered and quickly got away from the raven, apologizing several more times.

"No need to worry, Yagami-Kun. I'm just glad you're okay." L replied honestly, with a slight smirk. This caused Light face to heat up slightly and look away from the smaller man.

"Are you guys okay?" Laura asked, with a horrified and worried expression spread across her paled face.

"Yes, We are fine, Miss Laura." L replied for the both of them.

"Lets get going then." Light said as he stood and retook his place next to Brent, whom was slowly beginning to regain consciousness.

They walked for what seemed like forever, but what most likely to be only a few minutes. As they descended, they closed three more sets of doors that were identical to the first set. The opened a single door at the bottom of the stairwell, bracing themselves for what was to come, but instead were stunned by the sight before them. They walked through the door and took in the sight before them. The safe house wasn't a house at all, but instead was a giant underground cave that could easily house several hundred people with plenty of room to spare. The cave seemed as if it were naturally lighted even though they were probably several hundred feet underground. There was a large place that had many tables and a medium sized building next to it, which was probably used as a kitchen, Several large houses the could house 20 people each, slightly smaller homes that were located behind the larger ones that could house a small family, A gigantic pool of water that looked to be naturally created since it wasn't perfectly shaped and it had a waterfall flowing into it from high above, a field with crops of all kinds growing in it, an orchard filled with fruits of all kinds, another large building that was most likely used to hold meetings, and some other smaller buildings. If they weren't in the current situation that they were in, Light would swear he had stumbled upon paradise. They walked farther into the cave, knee high grass crunching slightly under their feet. They were quickly forgetting the fear and worry the had only moments ago. The cave was ginormous and was stunningly beautiful, it would be a perfect place to live for all of eternity. In what looked to be the middle of the cave on the ceiling, was a large, man made hole; but its use was still a mystery to him, and to anyone else who may have noticed it. As they walked, Light helped Laura lay Brent under a large fruit tree, and as they stood once again, Laura began to call out into the cave.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" She scanned the area in hopes to see life of some sort but found nothing.

"Hello?!" she called again, though she still never received a reply

"Hm... I guess we're the only ones he-"

"Hello?" a quiet voice asked from behind a tree in the grove behind them.

They spun around to find a woman, whom looked to be about twenty years of age, step out from behind the tree with a basket of fruit in her hands. The woman seemed shocked to find them here and vice versa. Light looked at her curiously, taking in her features. She has long black hair that reaches her waist, she is slightly short in height for her age but it suited her, her skin is pale but not unhealthily pale, her face is completely blemish free, and she had eyes as black as a moonless night. He also noted that he accent was English, but she didn't look to be entirely of English decent.

"W-Who are you?" she asked

"I believe we wish to know the same of you." L replied

"I'm Asura, I arrived here only a few days ago." she replied sweetly, gaining courage

"Hello Asura, I'm Laura, and this is Brent, Mr. Yagami, and Ryuzaki. We all fled here after our lab on this base exploded and the Infected attacked us." Laura said as her face and voice sorrowed

"Are there any other people here, Miss Asura?" L asked

"Please, call me Zura, and yes, there are many others here. They are all in the commons area discussing housing and such. We've been staying in there for the past few nights but we plan to move into the available homes soon." she replied

"Will you please take us there, Zura?" Light asked the girl.

She never noticed his presence before, but now she wondered how she didn't. She stared at Light in awe for what felt like an eternity, but what was only a few short seconds. She was stunned greatly by his looks and charms, so much that as she stared she looked like a deer in headlights. She soon realized she probably looked ridiculous and snapped out of her daze. By now, Brent had woken up and was staring at Asura like she was some kind of psychopath.

"Oh! Um, Sure! Of course Mr. Yagami. This way please." She stammered as she began to quickly walk of towards the direction of the largest building.

Light ran up to Zura, leaving everyone else far behind them.

"Hey! Zura! Wait up!" He finally reached her and began to walk with her "Haha, Slow down! Youre leaving everyone in the dust." he said good heartedly

"Oh, sorry Mr. Yagami" she relied sweetly

"Call me Light, okay? Hm, I should probably tell Laura and Brent the same..." As soon as he finished the sentence, he ran back towards the others.

"Damn it..." she muttered under her breath as she walked.

As she walked to the center, she couldn't get Light out of her head. He flooded her thoughts and it was driving her crazy, though she also didn't really mind. "You know, now that I think about it, being stuck here with a guy like that by my side might not be so bad..."

They neared the commons area and she asked them to stay outside until she spoke to someone about them. She didn't want to take them there immediately since they may get mad at her for doing so. She opened and quickly disappeared behind the metal door then closed it tightly behind her. They all stood there, not knowing what to do or say.

"That girl seems very nice, maybe this won't be so bad for a little while." Laura said, breaking the silence

"I don't know what to think of her. She seems very nice and all but she was staring at me kinda creepily earlier." Light added.

L looked over at Light with a knowing look. He could tell that Asura was attracted to Light, and he knew that it was only a matter of time before Light became attracted to her as well. Now that he thought about it, Asura was probably Lights type, and around his age as well, and that thought bothered L more than it probably should. Then he realized his train of thoughts and immediately pushed them to the back of his mind. If Light chose to be hers, then so be it.

After what seemed like forever, Asura came back and motioned for them to follow her. They each stepped inside the building and noticed that all of the other people inside were kids. There were a few adults here and there but the majority of them were kids between the ages of five to thirteen. There were a few older kids and such, like Asura, around the age of fifteen to eighteen or so. They walked around the perimeter of the room to avoid the rambunctious children and they chatted and played. But Light noticed something odd about them. They weren't entirely like normal kids. They played and talked but they each had a unique quirk. One kid talked to another as he tried to solve a Rubix cube without looking, as if it were totally normal; one child put together a very large puzzle as he tried to solve an advanced equation on a chalk board, and the child only looked to be about seven years of age; Another kid wove patterns with string between his fingers as he watched others play a game, and the differences went on and on. 'Maybe I'm just overthinking it...' Light thought to himself. They came to a stop at a door that lead into a small building and Asura opened the door for them and motioned for them to all walk inside. They each did as told and slipped into the room without making a noise. They stood in silence as they watched an elderly man try to clean the place up a little. He was dusting with a rag of some sort and he didn't even hear them enter. Asura cleared her throat to gain his attention, but to no avail.

"I brought them like you asked, sir." Asura said, finally gaining the mans attention. He turned around to face them with slight shock on his face after noticing L and Light, which quickly disappeared. He walked toward them and cleared his throat as well.

"Hello! Zura told me you were in a bit of a predicament when your lab exploded. Hm... that must've been what we heard. Oh, No matter! I'm not officially in charge here but I help with that aspect when needed. Oh! Where are my manners?" He walked towards them and extended his hand towards Laura, then Brent, then Light, and finally L. The man saw the shocked expressions plastered across L and Lights face and he gave them each a look of reassurance before returning to stand in front of them.

"My name is Minoru, may I ask for your names as well?" They each gave their names; L giving the man his alibi although he didn't need it.

L and Light both tried to control their overly shocked expressions but they couldn't help themselves. The man in front of them wasn't the man he said he was. He isn't Minoru- He is Watari- And he is stuck in this underground cave with them during an apocalypse and they didn't even have the slightest clue why. They stood frozen by shock and Ls thumb went straight to his mouth as he thought about the current situation.

"I will assign your homes then you can go get settled in, okay? You will be living in pairs in the smaller homes behind the larger ones, since we are using the lager homes for the children. Brent, you will be staying with another young man that is about your age; Asura, you will be housing with Laura, okay?"

Asura sent him a glare but agreed anyways; She wanted to house with Light.

"Ryuzaki, you will be housing with Light. Asura, will you show them to their homes?"

Asura agreed even though she felt like throwing a tantrum in hopes to get her way and share a home with Light.

They all turned and left the room, following closely behind Asura, though L and Light both wanted to stay behind and question Watari endlessly, but they left the room anyway and followed Asura. They received several stares and strange looks from the children and adults, but that was to be expected; they were strangers after all. They finally made their way through the building and back outside. The weather was perfect in this cave, It was neither too hot nor too cold; it was warm but to a comforting state. It would be plenty warm enough for crops and such to grow, but not nearly enough for someone to over heat quickly. They walked though the tall grass that grew all around them as they ventured to their new homes.

"This will be your new home Brent, another guy already lives there but you should get along just fine. His name is Zander, and he can have a slight attitude at times, but hes really nice and cool once you get to know him." Asura said as she motioned towards a home the color of the sky. Brent slowly walked towards his new home and hesitantly let himself in. They walked a few more steps down the stone path and Asura stopped again.

"This is my house, the one I will be sharing with Laura." She added the last part with just a slight tinge of sarcasm and hatred.

"Your house is down there," she pointed to a lavender house and the very end of the path. " I'm going to go clean up and get some sleep, once the sun goes down its lights out, Literally. I suggest you do the same, guys. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow." she said as she stretched and yawned, She began to ascend her steps to her home and Laura followed in suit.

L and Light both bid their farewells to them for the night and headed for their home. When they entered, they noticed that it wasn't quite modern, but it was far from being outdated and lifeless. The homes looked like a normal home that you would find overlooking the beach. It was far from being extravagant, but it had a very homey feeling. As they stood in the doorway, they quickly took in their new surroundings. Light noticed that to the left of him was a dining room with a small simple wooden table and chairs, to his left was a living room with a couch and sofa, but no TV. In front of them was a staircase that led to two rooms, which Light assumed to each be a bedroom with a bathroom attached to each room. Also in front of them was a hallway that presumably led to a kitchen or some other kind of small room. The home was a creamy caramel color with dark stone floors, which caused Light to love the house even more due to the color combination. He walked a little farther into the house but stopped when he didn't hear L moving forward as well. He turned to face the smaller man, whom had a thumb to his mouth and was staring at the floor.

"Ryuzaki, is something wrong?" Light asked the seemingly troubled man. L looked up with a shocked expression then calmed once more.

"No, nothing is wrong, Light-kun" He said as him nibbled slightly on his thumb. Light walked up to the raven and placed his hands on his shoulders, gaining his attention once more.

"L, please tell me what is wrong." He told him as he looked into the smaller mans onyx eyes.

"Light-kun, what do you think of Asura-san?" L asked hesitantly

"What are you talking about, L?"

"Nothing, just forget it." L said as he began to walk away. Light grabbed him by his shoulders and spun him around to face him again.

"L, tell me what is wrong. If you don't get it off your chest its going to bother you. and don't try to lie. You know I'll just see right through it." Light said with a slight smirk. He knew L had to tell him the truth, and L knew that too.

"You seem very, attracted to Asura-san. Is she your replacement for Miss Amane? They don't seem very alike but there's a 70% chance that you miss Miss Amane and you are trying to replace her with Asura-san." L said as he looked Light directly in his caramel eyes.

Light stared at the man in shock. He thought about what he had just said and the more he thought about it the more he tried his best to not laugh. Lights face heated slightly and a smile began to form upon his face. Suddenly, he burst out in laughter, scaring L in the process.

"Light-kun? Are you okay?" L asked as he stared in utter confusion at the man that was laughing uncontrollably.

"So THATS what was bothering you? You think I miss Misa? Wow, L, That's surprising! You of all people should know how much I dislike Misa. And besides, isn't it kinda clear I'm gay? Any normal man would fall head over heels for Misa but I couldn't care less. I think that's enough proof in itself." Light had finally stopped laughing and wiped a small tear from the corner of his eye. L continued to watch Light, without a word, as the man calmed himself. Light looked up suddenly with a look of realization that confused L slightly.

"Wait, L, Are you... Jealous? Are you jealous of Asura?" Light asked, trying to not laugh again.

"No, Light-kun, I'm not jealous of Asura-san. I was only curious to see if you were using her as a replacement for Miss Amane."

Light pulled the slightly shorter man into a hug, startling L greatly.

"I told you that you cant lie to me, L." Light purred.

L tensed up at the sound of his voice, and was soon let go of the odd embrace, though he wouldn't say he didn't enjoy it.

"Hey, I'm gonna go take a shower, okay?" Light asked the raven.

"Okay." L replied, wandering toward the kitchen in search of sweets.

Light climbed the staircase and opened the first door, noticing that it was a bedroom. It was simple yet nice, it had a king sized bed, a door which he presumed led to a bathroom, and two glass doors that led to a balcony that over looked the large pool of water in the distance. He walked inside and opened the door, which lead to a closet.

"Where is the bathroom?" he mumbled under his breath

He continued to walk around the room but found nothing of use but a dresser filled with clothes, for both men and women. He closed the drawers, after gathering some clean clothes, and walked out of the room. He walked up to the only other door on the top floor and pushed it open; It led to a bathroom.

He walked in and was slightly shocked by the size of the room; It wasn't a huge room but it was larger than most bathrooms. He looked around for another door that led to a bedroom but all he found was a closet of towels and such.

"Where is the other bedroom and bathroom?" he muttered to himself. He walked out of the room and called down to L, whom was in the kitchen looking for sweets.

"Hey, L? Is there another bedroom or bathroom down there?"

"No, Light-kun, there isn't. Why do you ask?" he replied

Light was shocked that there wasn't another bedroom but he just shrugged it off and went to take his shower. He walked into the bathroom and began to undress when it dawned on him that he and L were going to have to share a bed. The thought didn't bother him much, seeing that they shared a bed for a very long time when the Kira case was happening, but the man had very odd sleeping habits. Since he had insomnia, he tended to stay up most of the night and watch him sleep, which bothered him greatly.

Light pushed the thought to the back of his mind and got into the steaming shower. He always loved an overly hot shower because it helped to clear and calm his mind. He lathered shampoo through his hair and began to wash his body with the soap provided in the shower. He heard L calling for him outside but he paid the man no mind, he just continued to take his shower and deal with L later. Suddenly, the shower curtain went flying open, causing him to scream and jump, which caused him to slip and fall in the shower.

"What the hell, L?!" Light yelled at the clearly amused detective.

"You should've replied when I yelled at you outside of the bathroom, Light-kun." L replied, trying to stifle a laugh and avoid taking in the entire scene before him. It took all of his strength to not look lower, and lower, and...

"I ignored you because I was taking a shower!" Light said as he stood again and wrapped himself in a towel, managing to stop Ls train of thought.

"Sorry, Light-kun. I must inform you that Miss Asura wishes for us to be up early in the morning. She will be here very early to show us around the safe house."

"And you couldn't have waited to tell me that?!" Light yelled at the seemingly insane man

"I suppose I could have, If you had just said so as I was yelling at you from outside the bathroom." L replied simply

"L, I swear to god, if you don't leave right now and let me finish my shower, I will make sure you never eat another sweet again." Light said through gritted teeth. L didn't reply, instead, he just turned and left, leaving Light there to finish his shower.

L walked back down the stairs and into the den, and walked over and sat down on the slightly plush sofa. He wasn't exactly happy that Light threatened his sweets but he supposed he deserved it for barging in on him like that. He looked out the window to see that it was still light outside, and we wondered if he should go talk to Watari or not. He had many questions he wanted to ask but he wasn't sure if this was the right time to do so. He pondered the thought and decided to go talk to the elderly man. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple, since he couldn't find any cake, and set out towards the commons area.

After a fairly long walk, he arrived and slowly opened the door, he quietly walked through the corridor and up to the room they had been in earlier that day. He opened the door without knocking and for Watari sitting in a chair and a small table that had been placed there for him to sit at and work on what seemed to be some for of a communication device.

"Watari?" L questioned, startling the older man.

"Ryuzaki! I didn't expect to see you so soon!" The old man replied

"Why are you here, Watari? And why are all of these other people and children here as well? What happened?" Ls mind was filled with questions but he decided to ask the most basic ones first

"I did as I was told but there were some complications, which resulted in us ending up here." The elder stated simply

"Okay, explain?"

"You instructed me to check on the children of the Whammy house located here in Cuba, in which I did. But, for some reason, many of those things that you call "Infected" showed up and began to close in on us while I was there." He explained.

L stayed silent, willing the man to continue his explanation.

"We began to use fire power to stop them but once we figured out that the only way to kill them was to damage their head somehow, we were almost out of ammunition. We gathered all of the children and adults into vehicles and began to drive away from the hoard, only we intended to get to our own safe house, not this one." He paused, recalling memories

"I knew of this safe house and I always kept it on mind just in case, Its a good thing our safe house was built farther away from the Whammy house, just in case of a bombing or something of the sort, but it was more military like than this one. Our vehicles began to run out of fuel and there was no where that we could stop so I instructed everyone to come here, I informed the guards of this compound as we arrived and they left us through without a problem. We didn't lead the Infected here, so I'm not sure how some many got here at once, but I assure you that they cant get down here. I left all of the doors open besides the top one so if anything happened, that hopefully you could make it here as well, and my assumption was correct." He stated, finishing his explanation

"Was anyone injured on the way here?" L asked carefully

"No, I'm afraid there were a few fatalities..." The old mans voice carried off

"How many? Who?"

"On the way here, one of our vehicles experienced some issues and ended up exploding before it could get here. None of the other children saw it, since it was very far behind us."

Ls heart wrenched at the thought, but no emotion was shown on his pale face. He had so many more questions to ask, but instead he decided to change the subject a little and ask about a certain female he had met earlier that day.

"Watari, who is Asura? I don't remember reading any of her files or having any knowledge of her joining and of the Whammy houses, and she defiantly isn't Cuban, she seems to be a mixture of Japanese and English decent."

Watari stiffened at the question. He was hoping the L wouldn't ask about Asura, because he didn't want to tell L, especially not now. He wasn't supposed to say anything to either of them, though Asura and Watari knew some things that L didn't. He was just glad she didn't know what L looked like. The older man sighed, but never relaxed, and this didn't go unnoted by L, it only raised his curiosity even more.

"Watari. Who is she?" L asked again, with more demand to his voice than normal. He stared into the eyes of the elder, desperately trying to find an answer. But the answer he got was far from anything he could've ever guessed.

"L, Asura is your little sister."

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