Falling for Dallas

Jordan, a not so popular girl falls in love with a popular boy, Cameron. Then notices that Cameron is part of a group called magcon. what will happen next? read to find out. ☺️


3. Chapter 2

i called her back. She was like literally screaming into the phone. she said she got magcon tickets but i had not clue what that's was. so i was on the phone with her for about an hour of her explaining it to me. i really shouldn't of asked what it was. Anyway when i was done talking to Emily, i went on instagram to see what they looked like. I looked at nash, taylor, hayes, and Cameron. when i saw Cameron my mouth dropped open. i didnt know he was in this. I loved Cameron but he didnt love me make. It was simple. He got all the hot girl and i was sitting there like ummm... but anyway I'm going to meet all of his friends and i couldn't be more excited. Just then i heard my phone ring again. Unknown Number. I answered very slowly.

phone convo.

"uhhh. hello."

"so i heard you were coming to magcon"

"before i go anyway farther, who is this"

"this is cameron Dallas"

"ohhh. you go to my school, and ya"

"anyway i called to ask if you wanted to hang out with me during the tour."

my heart started pounding. was this a dream?

"uhhh Jordan are you there" he said into the phone.

it was a dream. "ya id love to ☺️" i said blushing.

"ok be ready tomorrow at 11, I'll pick you up"

End of phone call.

omg did this just happen? Cameron called me to hang out with him during tour omg this day couldn't be much better.

AUTHORS NOTE : sorry i havent been posting 💁

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