Falling for Dallas

Jordan, a not so popular girl falls in love with a popular boy, Cameron. Then notices that Cameron is part of a group called magcon. what will happen next? read to find out. ☺️


2. Chapter 1

Jordan POV

hi... my name is Jordan and im 17 and went tithe usual high school. I have brownish hair and blue eyes. I wasnt that popular compared to other people in my school. but i didnt care about them.

i was slowly looking through twitter. Then i saw a picture on Cameron from our school. I have always had a crush on Cameron. But he was to "popular" for me, so didnt bother to tell him.

I through my phone on my bed and went downstairs to check on my brother jake. Jake was about 12 and he was the most annoying-est brother ever. But sometimes he is there for me on the right times.

Of course my brother was playing xbox on his blue bean bag. idk why i was surprised because this was what he did all day everyday. My mom wasn't home. She was never home, she was always on business trips or whatever.

I went back up into my room and i saw my bestfriend called me multiple times i wonder what she needed......

AUTHORS NOTE : HEY IM DOING CONTEST ON INSTAGRAM FOR WHO TO BE IN MY FANFIC ilysm oh and btw the shorter the chalet the more ill post so yolo~ Jordan 💁💕

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