Dark Heart

Gothic Princess Madeline Keller rules England, but has a deathly secret that she can never reveal and is intent on going to the grave with it. Common boy Russell Stanton is infatuated with the princess and will go to any lengths to make sure she loves no one else- so severely, it can be seen as an obsession. Prince Brody Holland is keen on unraveling the secret that is Madeline, willing to do anything for her to spill her secret. What happens when a street beggar, Lillian, gets in the way of that? Peasant girl Lillian Michaels is crazy about Prince Brody and everything related to royalty. What happens when she gets her chance? What will happen when all four of these severe teens meet?


2. Chapter 2- Russell

Russell's POV

I aim my arrow at the head of the chicken and let it fly. Bulls eye. I grin and run to pick up my prize. I put one gloved hand to my forehead and see the sun starting to rise. I curse under my breath before slinging the bag over my shoulder and tearing through the woods. I'd promised my little sister that I'd take her to see the princess that day. And when the sun was halfway into the sky, mid morning, Princess Madeline would walk out onto the balcony and wave. I don't know why my little sister would want to walk two miles to see a girl in a pretty dress wave for one minuet before a guard takes her away. Princess Madeline was pretty different than the other princesses I've seen before. She wore black, deep purples, and bright blues, like gothic colors. Instead of the usual redhead or blonde, Madeline's hair was so black when the light glistened on it, it turned a bluish kind of color. There was something about Madeline, something that I couldn't quite put my finger on. When I get home I throw my game bag on the table and tear off my gloves, taking off my cap and running a hand through my dark blonde hair before fitting the cap back on my head. Millie! I yell into the house. Millie come on, we're going to be late! Millie dashes out from under the kitchen table, giggling. Russ, isn't my dress pretty? She spins around in her sky blue frock, and I frown. Where'd you get it from? Kathryn gave it to me. I narrow my eyes at the name of my ruthless older sister. She definitely stole it. Definitely. Come on. I say quietly, guiding her to the door. Let's just......go.

The entire way, Millie was skipping and singing until the last half mile when I had to pick her up so her shoes wouldn't get worn. When we got there, a crowd had already gathered, and I push to the middle. The trumpets blare and I hear Madeline's voice. Good Morning my subjects! Her voice was clear and beautiful. Millie goes crazy, practically crawling on my head to wave at the princess. Bow to your Princess! The guard shouts. Millie immediately gets down and bows, but I stay standing. Why should I bow to a waving doll? Then the butt of a gun hits my knees and I fall, holding in my cry of pain. When I look up a guard is glaring at me. When Madeline waves one last time, I pick up Millie and walk to the village'a circle. Millie always liked the piccolo musicians, and the little dolls. Everytime we came, I always bought something for her and we watched the piccolo players dance and play. I buy her a small slice of lemon cake and she eats it while we watch the piccolo players spin and clap, tapping my feet to the music.

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